Me llamo Rocky

We Are Married!!!

After a year and 2 months of planning, Dana and I have finally married. The stress of wedding planning and looking to our future together was finally relieved of the intensity by reciting our vows and legally binding ourselved to one another. Our journey to Ashland, Wi (the wedding spot) was fast paced and overwhelming at times, but in the end, it all paid off.

We flew in a week before the wedding to wrap up all planning that needed to be done. On the Thursday before the wedding, alot of our out-of-town travelers started to make their way in to town. We hosted a small gathering at Deep Water Grill, where many people met with us. Dana wore his tuxedo t-shirt and I was crowned a "soon to be bride" by my mother-in-law. We stayed up late, drank too much, and felt it the next day.

Friday was our rehearsal.  Everyone from the bridal party (minus two groomsmen, who had a heck of a day travelling) participated in what was a very confusing event--thank god for Christine who guided me through all the important things that people should be prepared for, come ceremony time.  After figuring out the layout of the day, we all met at Molly Coopers, which is a restaurant overlooking Lake Superior at Hotel Chequamegon.  We ate a BBQ themed dinner and relaxed a bit before hitting the sack for the morning.  Dana and I parted ways, which I was sad to see him go, but so excited to know that the next time I saw him would be at the ceremony.  From what I hear, he had a fun night of playing in the pool with all his friends.  I, on the other hand, finished up some last minute planning and went to bed with my mom, 4 dogs, and 2 cats.  It was interesting to say the least.  haha.  Rocky doesn't like cats, so everytime one of them moved, Rocky went into attacked mode, jumped off the bed, then I would yell and he would stop, only to realize he couldn't jump back onto the bed, so either my mom or I would have to get up and grab him to put him back on the bed.  And, we repeated this procedure probably 3 or 4 times.  But, luckily, I did get enough sleep.

The pic below is of me and my bridesmaids (left to right: Tris B., Natalie W., Me-Brooke N., Andrea G., Heather J., and Jen P.)

The morning before the ceremony, my bridesmaids all met up and finished decorating the reception site (which they did an absolutely fabulous job) and then picked me up to get our hair done together.  When they picked me up, they were all showing off their new "Bcat Threads" t-shirts that I gave them as a gift the night before.  After hair, we all went to my aunt Nancy's (where the ceremony was) to put on makeup together and put our dresses on.  It was a very fun bonding moment that allowed me to relax a little before the madness began.  My mom met up with me early and put my grandma's pearl necklace on me to perfect the whole wedding look.  It was an emotional moment for me, but something that made me feel so very special. 

So the ceremony began.  As I hid behind the house, I listened to each song that I had patiently picked out and envisioned to make the perfect wedding.  I couldn't believe that all the effort I put into planning these moments were coming to life.  My dreams were flooded in my mind and everything felt so magical.  As the song for me to walk to was at a long pause, I was growing so impatient, I was so ready to walk down that aisle!!!  Finally, the song began.  Where I thought my nerves would take over and I would really screw up, something inside of me grew so calming, it felt natural, it felt real, and it felt like the one moment where I had no reason for nerves to set in.  My eyes caught Dana right away and everything else around me vanished--it was just him and I.  And so the rest of the ceremony went, and Dana and I left as husband and wife...Mr and Mrs Dana P. N.

Our reception followed, with beautiful decor, lots of friends and family--and not enough time.  I am one to get overwhelmed way too easily and felt like there wasn't enough time in the night for anything.  By the time I felt like I could breathe, it had all ended and I was only feeling like it just began.

The next morning we had a small gift opening at my mom's house.  We had a few friends and family show up to watch us open our gifts and cards and to see us off, as we were wrapping up our trip to Wisconsin and heading back to San Diego.  As you can see by the pic, I got lots of help from my new nieces, Brynn, Rowan, and Kierce...and Dana just ate his way through the event and nodded and smiled where he found it appropriate. 

Bride Draggin Groom

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