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Good Boy Turned Naughty

Before we actually got chickens, Dana built the coop.  He found the perfect spot under the kids' playset.  Naturally, Enzo wanted to help...

But once he realized Daddy wasn't going to let him use the saw or hammer, he ventured on to more entertaining things.  The coloring box (with every type of marker and crayon you can think of).  Of course, Eva taught him long ago that he can use the markers to color all over your body.  So, yes, rather than beat them, I join them and make sure they get every square inch of their body before bathtime...

Anyway, back to the chickens.  Initially they were in a box in the garage (too small for outdoors).  We had a playdate where the kids got to hold them and play.  They absolutely loved it...

Now they are outside in the coop.  I think they love their house...except when Enzo tries to work his way in the roost.  Not fun for any parties involved.

And speaking of Enzo doing what he is not suppose to, that is the new phase he is in.  Doing exactly what he knows he shouldn't.  He is much more stubborn than I ever remember Eva being.  If he is told not to do something, he will throw whatever is in his hand, or go kick something, or run somewhere to lay down and cry.  He does NOT like being told no.  He also is getting a big kick (no pun intended) out of bothering Eva.  He will go right up to her and hit her face and laugh until she gets mad.  Then, when she is fed up she will push him really hard, which will end with him crying, then he will run to me and Eva will see that so she will start crying and run to me to get me first, then Enzo will start shovering her and yelling and they are going back and forth, essentially fighting over me.  OMG, seriously.  It is so hard to teach Eva that whatever she does, he will do.  Today, I was trying to take a picture of Eva.  Enzo comes to sit down right next to her, and look what I catch him doing!

That would be pinching.  Another one of his top favorite moves.  I would probably say poor Eva except that there is ALOT of give and take in this relationship.  They are pretty even.  Earlier, Enzo went over and hit Eva's face.  I asked Eva to try and calmly handle it, so she shielded herself while I said "Enzo, no hitting."  So since he couldn't hit, he kicked her.  I said "Enzo, no kicking."  So he pushed her.  I said "Enzo, no pushing."  So he hit her.  Of course, laughing the whole time.  Yup, this is my new life.  "Hi, are you a stay-at-home mom?"  To which my reply for the next few months (or years) will be "No, I am a full-time stay-at-home referee."

In happier news, there are times when the two do get along.  And when they do, its the cutest thing ever.  Eva really is a terrific big sister when she wants to be.  Knowing Enzo is scared of swings, but he really thought he wanted to try one out, Eva held him on this saucer swing at the new Waterfront Park, saying "It's going to be ok, Enzo."

She has taught him how to brave slides (which he has been terrified of), sit on the potty chair (just sit, nothing else), and also tries hard to help him say words.  When I am driving, I will overhear her asking Enzo how he is doing, or helping him reach his water and try to figure out what he needs so she can communnicate his concerns to me.

Last Friday, Eva and Ellie had their last dance class.  Her mommy and I decided to take them out for the summer, in hopes of more beach days and other fun activities.  We are planning to revisit the idea of dance or a new activity when September hits.  On their last day, they let Kyna (Ellie's mom) take a picture of them, but insisted they take it next to this turquoise wall.  Hey, whatever it takes to get a smile for the camera...

Over the last weekend, we attended friend, Meadow's Third Birthday party.  It was so much fun.  It was kitty themed, which I think all the kids enjoyed.  They got kitty ears to wear (which is now Eva's favorite new accessory), painted kitty picture frames, got little stuffed kitties, and the funnest part was the kitty photo booth.  No surprise that Eva and Enzo couldn't figure out who could take the first turn...

In the end, Enzo won.  Not sure what happened behind the box, but I'm sure it was a pinch, kick, hit, or shove ;) ...

Our days here are really warming up.  As a special treat to my darling little angels, we took a trip to Yogurtland yesterday.  For like 8 minutes there was no whining, yelling, or fighting.  Win, win.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  Enzo knows his nose, eyes, hair, tongue, ears, fingers, and toes!  I didn't realize it until we read a Sesame book that talks about those parts and he showed me all of them.  It is his new favorite thing to talk about.  Mr. Smarty-Pants.  :)

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