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Father's Day and Sibling Love

Yesterday, we celebrated Father's Day just the way Daddy wanted it; work-free, family-fun, brunch and beer.  It really can't get any better than that, can it?  Before the big day, we went to the store to see what we could find to help make the day feel special for daddy.  Eva insisted on buying a card, instead of making one, and then signed her name with lots of love.  We made some garden bees for Daddy to stick in his yard (which I didn't even get a picture of!!), and then took a picture of Daddy with his babies, before we were off to eat.

I made reservations last Monday for Stone Brewery World Bistro.  And I am so glad I was thinking ahead because there was only 1 reservation left!  Anyway, we were seated outside, which was beautiful.  They have a stream running through the whole outside area with Waterfalls, Koi Fish, and turtles.  The kids could run around freely, and Daddy could enjoy his breakfast with beer.  (Me?  I enjoy us being together, all with smiles on our faces--and a good cup of coffee).  Daddy and Enzo, playing right next to our table...

And then Eva clarified that she wouldn't take a picture until AFTER she eats her breakfast.  As soon as she was done, she gave me about a 2-second warning for when she was ready, and about 2 seconds to take the pic.  I acted fast, but I nailed it!

We had a very enjoyable day.  Daddy thanked Eva for the wonderful day, and later told me it was perfect.  Mission accomplished!

While we were able to enjoy the day, we weren't sure that we would be able to follow through with our plans, because Enzo has actually been sick.  In fact, his fever was 103.4 all day yesterday (He sure looked pretty darn cute for sick, did he?).  It was a tough decision to follow through with the day, but he was so happy and handling the fever well enough that we decided to brave it.  The frusterating thing about it is that, since April, my kids have been sick back and forth and non-stop.  We have not had a single week where one of them isn't sick.  Eva has had pink eye twice, an ear infection, and a trip to the ER with a skyrocketing fever and couldn't stop throwing up.  Enzo has had high fevers, coughing, and pink eye.  While nothing has been life threatening, it has made us a prisoner of our house for more days that not in the last 2 1/2 months.  We have watched more movies than I can even count (heck, I can't even count how many times we have watched Frozen alone).  It has been tough, especially for the kid who isn't sick.  In fact, Eva and Enzo even got to watch Shrek while in the ER...

But lets not keep talking about all that (there is a reason I've been keeping it out of the blog)--we want to hear about the happy moments, right?  Ok!  So, if you remember last week, I was getting quite frusterated with playing referee to Eva and Enzo.  This last week, I spent alot of time trying to figure out how I was going to address the issue.  I gave the kids all of my attention all day long, looked for triggers, and tried to help them through it.  There is alot of work to be done, but I was able to capture some pretty adorable moments that I walked in to.  Here, Eva kept asking Enzo for hugs, which he was more than happy to give.  Then, Eva asked if I would please take a picture of them (Um, yes, of course!)...

After playing in the water, they both wanted to be bundled and asked to be next to each other on the swing (again, Yes!!)...

Back out in the sun, Eva told Enzo to hop on, in which he found the perfect spot for a ride...

While making dinner the other day, this was my view (Pardon the graininess of my phone's zoom)...

And while finally taking the time to send out an email, I hear silence.  Worried, I knew I better find out what the kids were up to, only to find this...

Yes!  They really do have cute, loving moments.  And, I'm glad I captured so many in this last week.  I will need this blog post to look at every time I feel like I am getting discouraged with all the sibling spats.

Lastly, and most amazingly (in my eyes).  Both of my kids almost suddenly have become really interested in puzzles.  Enzo found all his wooden puzzles, and now will lay them out, take out all the pieces and do all 5 of them at the same time.  It is so impressive to see him work so quickly and putting them all back together (and then will even stack them all and put them back in their drawer when he is all done...

Eva has moved up to big girl puzzles without ever doing one with me.  She has had two in the closet for a while and finally asked to play with them.  I gave her the boxes with the pieces and about a half hour later, she runs into the other room and says "Mommy I have a suprise for you."  And I seriously couldn't believe my eyes (in fact, Daddy even stopped working on the computer just to see)...she did two puzzles with no help!

It is fascinating to watch their minds grow and see how they figure things out on their own.  There are so many things I feel like you would need to be taught before you can do it on your own (these puzzles, for instance), and yet, as their brains mature, they can actually figure it all out on their own.  Being a parent sure is so rewarding :)

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