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Beach Days

Ever since the days became warmer and summer began, I vowed that we would spend at least one day a week at the beach.  And so far, we have been keeping up with the plan!  I am usually without Dana, so we choose to stay on the bay side (so there are no waves) and I am usually too busy with Enzo to be taking pictures.  Thankfully, in the last couple weekends, we have met up with Heather and Ryan's family, so my snap-happy sister in law was generous enough to share her pictures with me, yay!

Eva isn't swimming yet, but she does really well with her floatie on and knows her limits, so I don't need to stay in arms reach of her.  She likes to keep up with her cousins and is really having a blast in the water.  Enzo is really good about staying near the shore, or grabbing someone's hand if he wants to go deeper.  He loves kicking and splashing...

The kids like to spend about half of their time in the water and enjoy the other part of the time building things in the sand...

This last weekend, Ryan had some wood he wanted to burn off, so we met up near a fire pit on the beach.  We were all enjoying ourselves, when about half-way through the day, our poor Eva stepped on a sharp rock or glass or something in the water and cut the bottom of her foot.  It was hard to gage how bad it was because she was really shaken up by the experience and wouldn't really let us look at it.  But with all of us there, we were able to make her feel special and stop crying and enjoy the rest of the night from the chair (well, the extra cupcake she got probably helped, too.)...

And just to report today, her foot is not infected, but it still hurts her enough that she won't step down on it.  I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be the day that she will feel comfortable enough to walk (fingers crossed!)

Soon after the foot incident, Enzo and Uncle Ryan started the fire for the evening...

And once the fire got going, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores...

As the sun was setting and the kids were done swimming, they started to get really goofy, playing in the sand...

We stayed until about 10pm, when the kids both started falling asleep.  Thats when I was ready to call it a night, but what a fun night is was!

Back at home, we are trying to start another new routine.  To make sure that both kids get a Bronco ride once a weekend.  Eva has always enjoyed going for a ride with Dana, but recently, Enzo went for his first ride, and he hasn't stopped talking about it.  He talks about the Bronco ALL THE TIME.  I can't even walk by it without him crying because he wants to go for a ride.  He loves the Bronco so much, that he is even satisfied just being in the same room with it when Dana is working on it.  This kid is his dad's son 100%...

I will try to be a little better at taking pictures for the rest of the summer, so I have more stories to share, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed what you saw!  We are having a wonderful time and wish you were all here to have it with us :)

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