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The Two Mom Team

Over the last week, my cousin Ashley and her kids, Max and Rory, came to visit us.  We have all anticipated this visit for quite some time, so we were all overly excited when the time finally came.  Ashley's crew came ready for a jam-packed adventure and we were ready to be their hosts.  Straight off the plane, we had our welcomes, which came with a shot of tequila for Ashley...

...and a backyard tour of all the toys and animals for the kids...

Ashley and I spend the rest of our time that evening planning for our big trip to Disneyland for the next day.  We got a babysitter for Enzo to make things easier, packed up the car at 6am and headed to Disney for our 16 hour adventure.  We went straight to the Princess Castle to meet some princesses...

then spent the rest of the day going on all the fun rides...

It was the absolute most perfect day.  The weather was perfect, the kids were very well behaved, and Ashley and I went the entire day without a single stressful mommy moment.

On Friday, we took a "regroup day", for the lack of sleep that we all got the day before had really caught up to us.  But, that didn't stop Dana and I from getting our promised night out to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a romantic night with a delicious meal and a little road adventure along the coast...

On Saturday, we spent the day at the beach.  We were excited to give Max, Rory, and Ashley the full experience for it was the kids very first time at the ocean!

Max loved being swollowed by the waves, where Rory, Eva, and Enzo enjoyed playing along the shoreline.  And everyone had fun burying Ashley in the sand...

On Sunday, we took a day of sightseeing. 

Being that Max loves fishing, we thought the OB pier would be the perfect place for him to watch people catching some saltwater sealife.  It was great, we saw people pulling in all kinds of fish and even a stingray.  The kids saw a seal swimming at the end of the pier and then later got to see crabs in tide pools when we visited Cabrillo National Monument.

We ended our sightseeing tour with dinner in Old Town, where the kids found plenty to play around with...

On our last full day together, we went to Seaworld. We went on all the fun rides, saw all the animals, and watched a show.  It was another fun and successful day for these two mommas!

I have so many pictures, so many memories, so many things I could share, but I will spare you all the time it would take to read through it all.  It was hard to watch our cousins leave, but we all know that vacations have to end somewhere and I am glad ours ended with such a happy look back on our week together.  All of the kids were so well behaved and played so well together.  Ashley and I got some much needed bonding time.  We got to experience so many adventures together and for the next few weeks I will probably spend alot of time looking back at the pictures on all the great memories.  :)

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