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Our August Highlights

I can't believe I had to wake up today to realize that summer is over.  It is refreshing in some reguards, but also sad that it went by so fast.  Looking back in this last month, we had alot of fun times and today I am going to share some of the highlights.

In this last month, we have had many visitors.  We all know from a previous blog post that my cousin, Ashley, came out with her two kids, but there were many more, too.  Before her, Dana's Aunt Jean and cousins, Jessica and Jake (with his fiance and son), were in town and paid us a visit.  I didn't get any pictures of all of us together, but I made sure to take some on the last night when we had dinner with Jessica and Aunt Jean.  With Jessica's loving and patient nature, Eva quickly fell in love...

And later, this was our attempt at a group photo (with a few missing pieces)  ;)

A couple weeks ago, it was Auntie Heather's birthday.  Eva, Enzo, and I met with her and the kids for a beach day and a little song and celebration...

And just a couple days later I helped throw my good friend, Jen, a baby shower for her second baby girl...

One weekend, Dana and I were really antsy to get out of the house and do something fun with the kids.  We came across some vouchers for a Seal Tour that were about to expire.  Since we had never done it, and we knew the kids would love it, we gave it a shot.  We got a tour of the San Diego bay, part by bus, then later our bus turned into a boat!  

This last weekend was filled with all sorts of fun and different activities.  On Friday, Eva had a sleepover with her cousins.  She was very excited to say the least.  We packed her suitcase and her sleeping bag and she headed out for some fun.

In the 24 hours she was gone, we realized just how much life she brings to our family and also how much our poor Enzo gets overshadowed at times.  Eva is always the life of the party, no doubt, but while she was away we got to see that Enzo has quite the loud, goofy side to him as well.  I'm glad she got to be away and have fun, but boy were we all happy when she came back home.

On Saturday, Dana and the guys (3 others not included in pic), planned a San Diego brewery tour.  I was really happy for them because I know how much guys enjoy getting together and talking about beer.  Some of you may wonder how you could possibly spend a whole day talking about beer, but let me tell you...there is the history of each type, your preference, your reviews of different labels, the smells, and alcohol content, how to make it, hops, barley, etc., etc., etc.  And then to sample them all and let the alcohol kick in, oh yes, these guys came back very happy.

On Sunday, Dana and I took the kids for a quick nighttime zoo visit.  I was feeling extremely daring, so right when we got there we headed straight to the Sky-fari, which we rode to the other end of the zoo.  It wasn't exactly enjoyable for me, but it is something Eva always asks to do and I knew both her and Enzo would enjoy looking at everything from above.  I was quite proud of myself for surviving the whole bit, but then disappointed that Dana didn't take a picture to prove I really did it!  Bummer!  Anyway, we went from the Sky-fari to  a tour through the Elephants.  While Eva likes looking at all the statues and run around to try and make new friends, Enzo was extremely interested in watching the elephants moving around, doing their thing...

To end the Labor Day weekend and the end of our summer, we were excited to host a family party at our place, for Dana's cousin, Leanne came to town for a quick visit.  

It was great to see her and get some special time with her while being able to show her our house, Dana's infamous fruit orchard, and some plain old funny, good times...

To wrap up the post, I just have to share this beautiful moment.  It is one moment with Kierce and Enzo, to signify every moment when these two are together.  I cannot describe this girl's love for Enzo.  From day one, she has been so loving, motherly, patient, and nurturing to him and it truly comes straight from her heart.  The bond that they share was made obvious to everyone last night.  Enzo went to close too Rocky too quickly and he barked really loud and scared Enzo to the point that it made him cry and made him very scared.  He came to me for immediate comfort and wouldn't leave my arms.  There had been several attempts by others to have him come to them, but he said no and squeezed me harder to say "Don't let me go, mommy!".  But then, Kierce came over and simply put her arms out.  Enzo reached out and jumped into her arms so quickly and just cuddled in her arms for such a long time.  It was so adorable!!  He would not move.  

Our entire Labor Day weekend was so wonderful.  It was the perfect way to end the summer, and such a perfect way to start the Fall Season.  

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