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Mommy Son Date

This last Thursday, Enzo and I dropped Eva off at school, then headed to our own little mommy son date to the pumpkin patch.  Enzo and I are going to start the outdoor class I use to do with Eva, but this is for his age group.  Our first date was the pumpkin patch, which couldn't have been more perfect except that it was 98 degrees!!

I really didn't mind the heat, for I was just happy to get some special time with my little boy.  He is growing, evolving, and maturing so much and I know that from now until March, this will be the only opportunity that I will have to be all alone with my little man.  So, soaking it all in is exactly what I am doing.

First, we went to check out all the really big pumpkins...

Then, the cutest thing happened.  Enzo saw some kids taking a picture by one of those face cut out things and right when they were about to take their picture, Enzo ran behind the kitty, took his hat off, pushed his head through and yelled "Cheese!!"  I was really cracking up because it would usually be Eva running to do that and yelling at Enzo to copy her.  Watching him take the lead and do it all on his own was just adorable.

We then went over the visit the goats.  Enzo really got a kick out of them....

Which only lasted until he caught a glimpse of the tractor pulling the big trailer that was headed our way to pick us up for a hay ride.  He just loved the ride (it was hard to get a good pic).  He sat quietly next to me with his hand on my thigh, watching the corn fields go by, then would take a peek over at the tractor to watch the wheels turn and pull us along, then back to the corn fields and pumpkins.  Once our ride was over, we headed to the hardest corn maze ever.  I have actuallly done it in the past, but this time I let Enzo lead (thinking he would obviously make better choices than me).  We were simply lost and stumped.  After about a half hour, with snack breaks, water breaks, and many repeated turns down the same path, Enzo was ready for me to carry him and thats when I had to thrown in the towel and head out to the entrance.  What a bummer!!

After we got over the feeling of being defeated by the corn maze, we went out to the field so Enzo could pick his pumpkin.  Now, this was an interesting adventure.  Being that in the past, I am use to Eva's not caring much about which pumpkin she chooses and would typically gather the first one she saw, my experience with Enzo was much more thought induced.  He looked over every pumpkin, picked a few up, looked them over then would throw them back down.  I would see a really great one and say "Enzo, how about this one?"  And his reply (about 10 times over) was "Nuh-uh" as he shook his head no.  After 15 minutes (or what felt like 2 hours) in the heat, I just picked one up and threw it in the backpack and we headed out.

We had a little more time to waste before we left to pick Eva back up, so we walked around the rest of the pumpkin patch to see what their was.  Of course, he had to check out the big tractor...

Then see how tall he was...

We left sweaty, full of dirt, and exhausted, so I knew we both had a really good time.

To cool off in the next couple days, we invited Rowan and Merrick over for a sleep over, where we took advantange of every opportunity we had to jump into a pool.  Enzo loved his swimming buddy, Rowan....

But also really loved the morning cuddles he got with his big cousin, Merrick.  

To end this blog, I just want to share some of Enzo's "things".  Since I don't have pics to correspond with them, I thought I would save them for the end.  Enzo is now in a phase where everything is "Mine!"  Whatever it is, he will cross his arms, hide the object, say "Mine!" then turn to run away.  He hasn't become a big problem yet, but trouble is brewing...I can just feel it!

In the mornings, Enzo loves to run through the house.  It is so funny to watch because he really runs as fast as he can, but he always runs with his head down so he can watch his feet moving.  He laughs the whole time!  After the second or third lap, Eva will join him and then it becomes an official race.  

Enzo still isn't clear with his language.  He does say multi-syllable words often, but it is really hard to understand what exactly the words are.  Eva and I always look at each other, shrugging our shoulders, saying "What is he is even saying?!"  Haha.  He has alot of words that we understand, but they are usually the 1 or 2 syllable words and most of his words really sound nothing like the actual word, but we know them because they have been repeated so much.  Finally, in the last month or so, he started saying "Mommy", but he will always only saying it by yelling, "Bayeee!" as he comes running into my arms with a great big hug.  He would usually only do it when I picked him up from childcare at the gym, but now he will randomly do it throughout the day.  Of course, whenever I hear it, I immediately stop what I am doing and turn to him with my arms out, waiting for his arms to wrap around me.  In never gets old, my heart fills with so much joy EVERY TIME.  He has also started talking about himself, saying "Etto!!", usually when he sees a picture of himself.  Eva is "Eeya!" and Rocky and Daddy he can say as clear as day.

One of Eva's new favorite things to talk about to Enzo is about the new baby.  She will always ask him "Do you want a boy or a girl?"  And every time he says "Boy", she cracks up laughing so hard.  Then after about 10 times of him saying boy, he will change it up and say "Girl".  Which makes her laugh even harder.  But then thats when she finally knows she has him convinced to have a baby sister just like she wants.

If he doesn't like what you are doing, he has no problem telling you "Top!"  or "Top it!" (aka Stop! or Stop it!) with his hand extended out.  

And with all the new language, comes to singing, too.  He loves to sing and does it all the time.  The problem goes back to not understanding his language and usually not understanding the tune, so I never really know what song he is singing, but he really enjoys it, no matter what the song is.  Enzo really likes music in general.  He will always bob his head of sway his body, or dance around whenever he hears music.  We could hear it sitting in a restaurant  or in the car, or whatever, and he is always moving to it (this boy really does have rhythm!)

Lastly, and most surprising, is that Enzo can count to seven.  I knew he could count to 3 because he does that quite often, usually followed by a jump off of something way too high for my liking.  But, one day I overhead him counting and he went all the way to seven, and I could understand each number.  I was so surprised!  But then I realized this kid probably has so much knowledge locked up in his brain and as soon as he really starts clearly talking, we are going to be  completely amazed.

I know there are so many new things that amaze me every day by Enzo, but when it comes time to blogging, I always forget.  He is just so smart, understands so much, has so much patience, and yet so full of personality, he is just so much fun to have around!

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