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Sweet With a Hint of Onion Breath

In this last month, our family has managed to stay pretty busy with all kinds of fun things. I've been feeling great and have my energy back, so we are getting out as much as we can.  

A few weeks ago, the parents in Eva's class coordinated a pot luck gathering to give the kids a chance to get to know each other better outside of the classroom and let all the parents meet. Naturally, the girls gravitated toward each other.  I believe there are only 4 girls in a class of 13 and they all seem to get along very well.  (One just missed this picture by a minute, but I had to act fast)...

Recently, Enzo discovered pockets.  He thinks they are the greatest thing.  He will sometimes store his cars in there, but most of the time, he just walks around with 1 hand in his pocket...and he will NOT take it out.  It is really cute when he is walking around, and somehow makes him look so studly, but it becomes quite the issue when we are trying to leave to go somewhere because he refuses to take it out, even to get buckled into his car seat.  He will run with it tucked away, try to ride his skooter, go down the slide, you name it, hand in pocket at all times is a must. (And, he did put his own hat on, too-he is so cool)

Last week, Eva's school hosted an ice-cream social for all the families in the school.  This was Daddy's first time at the school, so Eva showed him around the classroom and art studio.  He was very impressed with what he saw and Eva was very proud to show us around.  One of her favorite things to show me were the kitty pillows on the couch.  These kitties seem to be a staple part of her enjoyment of school, for the first few weeks, she always had a story about playing with them. She was very excited to show them to me...

Grocery shopping with 2 little kids is no easy feat.  Luckily, some grocery stores understand.  Thank you, Trader Joes!  Not only does our Trader Joe's encourage the kids to look for their mascot (a little green monkey), who is hidden throughout the store and give you a lollipop and stickers if you find it, but it is also right next door to a pet store.  On most days, we get our shopping done, then take our cart and head into the pet store to check out all the fishes, turtles, birds, bunnies, and whatever other special animals they have at the time.  This last time, there was a friendly little birdie who likes little cool!

Enzo plays well with other kids, but for the most part, Eva seems to be the only one that he would single out and recognize.  Lately, though, he has really enjoyed his friend, Lucy, who is just a few months older than him.  They see each other alot, so it isn't that surprising, but it is really cute to see him get excited to see her...his first real friend :)

Last weekend, we attended a big Kids Expo.  I was lured by the free tickets and jumpy houses, but once there, I realized it wasn't really my cup of tea.  Just lots and lots of booths trying to make you feel like you are the only mom in the world who doesn't have their product.  Ha!  No thanks.  Luckily, though, they also had plenty to lure the kids in to each booth.  Eva's excitement?  When she got to spend time with two of her favorite princesses, Ariel and Rupunzel...

Over the last week we've had some fun, interesting, and new things happening at our house.  

First, Eva and I are helping Enzo learn his colors (blue is his favorite to point out)...

Second, our chicken Boots has started laying our first eggs!

Which also brings me to Daddy and Eva cutting into the Durian fruit that Dana has been wanting to try for so long.  We heard it was very stinky, but tasted good.  I had to pinky promise Dana I would actually try it.  So, with gloves on, Eva and Daddy took a stab at it...

We all took one bite and decided it wasn't the worst fruit we've tried, but it wasn't something we would desire to have again.  In my best words to describe it, it tasted like you just cut an onion on a cutting board, then used the same knife and board to cut into a tropical fruit.  Then, you bit into that fruit.  So, yeah, an oniony tropical fruit.  Hmmm.  Not horrible, but I'll pass on the next round.  ;)

And last, the kids helped Daddy build their new bunk beds!!

Enzo started crawling out of his crib, so he was going to need to transfer into a regular bed.  There was no better time to start the whole "sharing a room" process than now!  It has only been a couple nights in the bunk beds, which Eva transitioned into quite well.  With so many new things happening for Enzo, his transition is much more challenging.  Luckily, I have a few more months before I am up all night with a new baby, so I figure, I better suck it up and conquer this new obstacle now.  With my determination, he will be sleeping in his new bed soundly in no time :)


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