Me llamo Rocky

Woof! Woof! It's Birthday Time!

Last weekend was Eva and Enzo's Big Puppy Birthday Party!  We had a big "Dog House" bouncy house delivered first thing in the morning for the kids to enjoy before all their friends arrived, and began decorating for their big day.

We had Peanut Butter and Jelly Bone-wiches, Pretzel Rod Chew Stix, Wet Dog Food Chili, Hot Dogs, and cupcakes with Milk Bone cookies to keep the theme festive.  The kids ran around with dog ear headbands and puppy baseball caps to really feel like a puppy for the day.  Before the day arrived, I also made Eva a puppy-print dress and of course, Enzo got a matching bow-tie.  We were definitely in the puppy spirit!

The kids had a blast with their friends, so it was near impossible to get any pictures, but here is one with just a few of the little ones together...

We ended the day with birthday song and candle blowing...

And when the party was over, the kids opened up all of their gifts.  Eva got spoiled with all sorts of new things, each of which she was really excited about...

And Enzo got many new and exciting things, too.  But the coolest gift ever was this leather jacket that he insisted on wearing over 3 other layers of clothing and refused to take off for bed time.  As it turns out, Daddy has a matching jacket, so now the 2 can be super cool together!

This last Tuesday was Eva's actual birthday.  She was a little confused that she didn't turn 4 at her birthday party and after trying to explain it to her over and over again, I finally said "We are pretending you are four for your party, but you won't actually be four until a few days later."  Which seemed to passify her questions.  Of course, on Tuesday, her first question was "Am I not pretending anymore?  Am I really four?!"  We had a really special day planned, for Daddy took the day off from work to spend it with her!

We started the morning off with breakfast, talking about our plans for the day, and of course opening some gifts.  Gramma and Bopa sent some goodies, which made the perfect stack for a morning gift opening...

We then headed off to Seaworld!  Eva had been really excited about the SnowWorld they started building a couple months ago and couldn't wait to go and visit when it finally opened.  The kids got to make snowballs, and Eva got to go sledding!  (You know, there is something about this Wisconsin girl that just can't get over how funny it is that my kids have to wait in line to see snow!  haha)...

While at SnowWorld, Daddy did some research and found out that Eva was also now big enough to ride Journey to Atlantis.  Without giving her too much time to think about it or explain the drops to her in too much detail, she braved it with daddy.  From what Daddy reports, she screamed her head off pretty hard, but when the ride ended with little water spouts shooting water up around her, she seemed to forget all the scary parts and wanted to do it again.  Thats my girl!

After a full, fun day at Seaworld, we ended with a trip to Corvette Diner for dinner.  We had never been before, but heard it was very much a kid-friendly joint.  Eva really enjoys going out to eat (just like her daddy), so we figured this would be a perfect place to celebrate her birthday and we were right!  Our waiter was great, the food was great, and the whole experience was a lot of fun.

We left there with Eva saying, "This is my favorite restaurant ever.  I want to come here every time!"

That wrapped up Eva's fun four birthday.  She didn't want it to end, and first thing the next day she woke up and said "Am I still four?!".  Yes, my little nugget, you are still four and get a whole year to enjoy being four, so live it up!  We love you!

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