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Minty Green Play Dough

For the past few weeks, Eva and her friend Jacob have been in a multi-sport class.  It introduces the kids to a different sport each week.  Eva has been asking alot about sports lately, and I felt like this was a good time to test out the waters.  Typically, Eva's a bit too excited to really be "taught" how to do something in a class and most of her classes are looked at as just something fun to do.  But knowing that playing a sport is more disciplined, I was curious to see if she was ready to listen to instruction and use her atheletic abilities (because I know she has them).  I am so glad we have tried it out now because she is doing great.  She listens well, tries hard, and really kicks butt.  She really enjoyed t-ball.  She loved hitting the ball and running the bases, but wasn't very fond of catching with the funny glove...

She had a blast at the Track and Field day, where they threw big foam javelins (she is the farthest right) Check out the action shot!...

And then ran different obstacles sprinting, relay, and laps (I think she was made for this, she might have inherited my speed!)

She has also learned a little soccer, which was on the first day.  She was a little discouraged learning how to dribble the ball, but didn't give up trying.  In the end, she is really liking it and looking forward to the next class.  We only have 2 sessions left, so we will have to discuss what to do after this...maybe a sports league in the near future will be calling for us.

Enzo and I are still enjoying our date day together one day a week.  We opted out of class this last week again, and decided to visit the zoo instead.  We had such a fun time together.  Enzo kept track of the directions...

and led us to whatever animals he wanted to see.  We spend most of our time on the monkey trail and saw all different kinds of monkeys, gorillas, and orangutans.  Enzo really likes to take the time to look in each cage and spend time getting to know each species.  Before we visited the gorillas, he wanted to spend some time reading about them, and then point out the butt on each of the little statues before we visited the real thing (just in case I didn't know where a gorillas butt was)...

Through the end of the week, Dana was out of town for a business convention and we were left home to entertain ourselves.  I figured it would be a fun couple of days for us to eat dinner early, then take a walk around the neighborhood to check out all of the neighbors' Christmas lights.  We got out on the first night and had a great stroll through the neighborhood.  The following morning we woke up to pouring rain (yay!) and decided to stay in and do some fun indoor activities, but those plans took a sudden change when I immediately realized that I had been hit with a horrible stomache flu.  Yuck!  It was a miserable 2 days to follow, but let me tell you, the kids were amazing.  I have great friends who would've quickly swooped the kids up and got them out of the house, but the truth was that they were so compassionate, well behaved, helpful, and grown up, it was easier to have them around.  Enzo rubbed my back while I was throwing up and would say "Its ok, mommy." in the sweetest little voice.  Eva grabbed me a bucket, water, and a blanket to keep me comfortable on the couch.  We all sat on the couch for 2 days watching every single kids Christmas movie that we could find and the kids ate whatever Eva could get into her reach.

I was so surprised at how well the kids got along when they knew that I wouldn't be able to help them.  Eva was so motherly to Enzo in a non-bossy way, and Enzo played with his toys and cuddled up and kept himself entertained without needing much else.  At one point, Eva got her tea set out, collected some animals friends, and called for Enzo.  She set everything up on the kitchen table in such a nice and neat way, distributing tea plates, cups, spoons, and cupcakes to all the guests.  I was so fun to hear them giggle and have fun...

And when I started to feel good enough to move around, I busted out some homemade peppermint-scented green playdough with some holiday accents for some entertainment away from the TV.

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