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Thirty Weeks with Baby Three!

I am now 30 weeks pregnant, which means only 10 more weeks to go!  That is 75% of my way through this pregnancy until I am holding a little bundle in my arms.  They sure are right when they say the third pregnancy flies by.  I can't say it is going with a breeze, though.  It is tough being this big with 2 little ones running circles around me, and sometimes on top of me.  I can't eat alot in one sitting and it is tough for me to take so many breaks throughout the day to eat snacks, but my body sure lets me know when it is ready for more food.  It is like I am completely content one minute, then starving and want to eat a whole cow the next minute (well, maybe not a cow, but you get it).  And, if I do eat too much, or something with too much sugar or spice or fat or something just a little too unhealthy I will immediately get heartburn.  Blah!

Because of the belly weight, my arches are also getting an extra workout, which has taken a toll of my left heel.  I have to take it easy as much as I can, otherwise I am in too much pain.  But, refraining from standing on my feet all day is near impossible.  I just do what I can (hoping it will get better once I have the baby).

Picking up toys is probably the hardest part of my day.  Bending over to do just about anything is just plain difficult.  Any time I bend over, I am out of breath and feel like I just got done at the gym.  This is actually a good thing, though, because it has forced me to make everyone else in the house accountable for the mess and allows them to do the cleaning.

The fun things about these last couple weeks is that Enzo has become really in love with the idea of this baby.  He talks to my belly, takes time out of his day to rest his hands on my belly, blow rasberries, touch my belly button, and now his new thing is playing trucks with his baby brother.  He always grabs a truck for himself and one for his brother, then rides them all over my belly, explaining to my belly that they are trucks he is playing with.  So Cute!!!

Eva is completely preparing herself for the big sister role.  She initially was very sure that she wanted to see her baby be born, so her and I watched both her birth and Enzo's and talked about what we saw.  Being that I had Enzo naturally, it was obvious how much pain I was in, so she decided that she doesn't think she can see me in pain and would rather visit me at the hospital after I'm done being in pain.  But she is very adamant that she gets to be with her brother in the hospital, she does not want to wait until he is home to be with him.  She is also planning ahead for things like, what happens when I take a shower.  She says she will watch the baby when I take a shower and if the baby cries, she will rub his head and say "Its ok, baby.  Shhhh." and she will make sure Enzo leaves him alone.

After eating at a restaurant last night, Eva also pointed out that when the baby comes, he can sit between her and Enzo and she will hand feed him broccoli and tell him that if he dooesn't eat his vegetables he can't have dessert.

She wants to change his diapers, feed him bottles, and rock him to sleep.  She wants to do everything she can to help this little guy in the real world and I couldn't be more happy to be able to share this experience with her.

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