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Christmas 2014

I was really excited for Christmas this year because Eva is at the age where everything makes sense and the idea of Santa is very exciting. She has been planning and plotting all month for the night of Santa's visit.  One of her main concerns was that we didn't have a chimney, so she had to figure out how Santa would get into our house.  I'm so glad she thought of it beforehand because it gave me enough time to email Santa and find out what his plan was.  As it turns out, Santa has a key to everyone's house that doesn't have a chimney, so Eva had nothing to worry about.

On Christmas Eve, before we left for our friends' party, Eva wrote a letter to Santa, we left a plate of cookies and milk for him, and also carrots for the reindeer.

We then left to join our friends for their annual Christmas party.  The kids had a blast running around and playing together, and the adults hung out outside at the "Parenthood" table for alot of laughter and storytelling...

When we got a chance, the ladies got together for a group shot before the night was over...

And then after a late night, we made it home to get the kids to bed so Santa could get to our house.  

When the kids awoke in the morning, they rushed out to see if there would be presents under the tree.  Sure enough their were.  Enzo ran right to the "Cars" wrapping paper and started unwrapping while Eva called Auntie Vonnie to come join us for the morning before she dug in to her Princess wrapped boxes.

The kids played with all their new things as they opened them...

A little later, the kids were able to Skype with Granny to open the gifts she sent and watch her open the gifts we sent to her, too.

And then once all the gift opening was done, it was time to spend the rest of the day with all the new things.  Eva first put on her new Rapunzel pajamas so she could sing us a song with her new microphone...

We then did a couple experiments with Eva's new "Mind Blowing Science Kit".  Here was the underwater volcano...

When Eva was feeling motivated, we made our way outside so she could try out her new bike in the street.  She was really nervous about it, but remained to be very determined...

We had such a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and really enjoyed watching the smiles on the kids' faces all throughout the day.

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