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Starting The New Year Off With a Bang

As I wrote about in my previous post, we had visitors staying at our house.  Not only did they break the record for the  most visitors at one time; 4, but they also broke the record for the longest stay; 17 days!  We had such a great time with so many memories.

In week two of the visit, Eva had school, so we had to juggle "normal" days with fun days.  Dana took a couple days off from work so that we could make the fun days REALLY fun.  On one of those days, we had a special request from Rowan to drive through the mountains and spend some time in Julian.  It was a perfect idea, because we, too, thought it would be fun to show Mom and Dad the beautiful mountainside and visit an old Gold Mine, knowing that they would really enjoy the history behind it.  We had also been wanting to take the kids to see it, so it was a win for everyone.  Here we are right before our tour started...

It was really cool because we got to walk through all the tunnels, see the tools they used, and their methods for finding the gold, then we got to pan for gold once we were done with the tour.  Naturally, the boys stuck together and were most interested in all of the details of the mining (Like father, like son, like grandson)...

And after the tour and some lunch, we headed to a local diner for an ice cream treat!

On another day, our family was excited to take everyone on a little tour at our favorite nursery, City Farmers Nursery.  Being that just the week before, Dana's celebrity Bronco, was showcased in the SD International Auto Show, Mom and Dana naturally needed to take it as their mode of transporation, so Bronco chauffeured them to the nursery.  (Dad, all the kids, and I followed behind in my ride).  

Just about a mile away from our house, I saw a motorcycle cop coming up quickly from behind and I just knew he spotted the Bronco (maybe looking for an autograph?).  And, knowing Dana, I could sense what was about to happen next (did I mention we were at a stop light?)  Just as the light turned green, Dana hit that gas pedal as fast as he could, for a loud and obnoxious take off.  I, right behind him, was just cringing and crossing my fingers he didn't get pulled over.  The cop popped up and rode in the lane right next to him, giving Dana a little "Don't do it again" grin, then sped off in another direction.  And right when I found relief that he didn't get pulled over and also a mental signal to Dana to drive a little safer, he sped up, drove the Bronco over the curb and took Mom for a little off-roading action!  They arrived at the nursery safe and sound, and both were beaming with smiles about what they got away with (although I think Mom's smile was more about happiness that the Bronco didn't roll over.) Haha.

Anyway, Lorie also joined us and we ate breakfast, then walked around the nursery to see all the animals and plants...

One of the special requests mom had during her visit here was to go wine tasting.  Right away, Dana and I knew where we wanted to take her.  We always love going to Bernardo Winery and knew it was perfect for both kids and adults alike.  They have a tasting room set in a little village-like scene.  It is absolutely beautiful and also has live music, shops, and a couple cafes.  The only bummer?  It happened to rain that entire day...but we were all troopers and made the best of it.  Dana, Mom, and Lorie thoroughly enjoyed the wine...

...while the rest of us enjoyed the rain.

Back at home, there was alot of relaxing while also chipping in as a family to keep everything running smoothly.  In the mornings, Enzo cuddled his way around everyone, making sure to get love from his Gramma...

And happily helping Grandpa fix my work table, watching him so intently as he used tools to get the job done...

Eva loved hanging out with Grandma in the kitchen as she prepared dinner for the family every night that we spent at home!!!

Having Grandma and Grandpa/Mom and Dad here to visit was so wonderful in so many ways.  With the kids growing so quickly and their personalities evolving so much from month to month, it was great to have them here to connect, talk, cuddle, and love one another.  We loved having the extra noise, extra set of hands, and all the quality time that we got to have together.  We can't for the next visit!

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