Me llamo Rocky


Enzo had a first this last week, but this one wasn't anything to celebrate.  He got his first goose-egg, right between his eyes...

As Eva and Enzo were playing SOOOO nicely together, Eva was gently trying to put her "baby" to sleep, when she picked him up and realized how heavy he was, she dropped him and his head landed on his bed frame.  Surprisingly, he only cried for a few minutes and actually was quite proud of his battle wound once he saw it.  Mommy, on the other hand, cringed every time I had to look at it, just thinking about the worse-case scenerios.

Recently, Eva has taught us that there is a method to picking up the chickens, one that I seriously didn't realize until she told me about it.  Apparently, there are times when the chickens, rather than running, will squat down and puff their feathers up a little, giving you an easy chance to pick them up.  Now that we know what to look for, Enzo has been looking for any opportunity he can to pick up whatever chicken he can and give it a big hug.  I'm not sure the chickens enjoy getting squeezed, but it is pretty funny to watch them get love every once in a while.

After a couple months with too much going on, Jen and I were finally able to get together with the kids.  We decided to take a trip to Seaworld and play for a morning.  Being that I am pregnant, I am limited to just a couple rides that I can go on, which was a huge bummer for Eva and Enzo, until Eva and I found out that there is a ride that she is now tall enough to go on by herself.  I had to promise her that I would let her go on it alone every time we go to Seaworld.  And, the last 2 times we went, she not only got to go without me, but literally got the whole ride to herself....and LOVED every minute of it.

After rides, we walked around and checked out animals.  This walrus kept swimming by the kids and gave them such a great close up of his whole body.  He was huge and you could see every detail...

On my date day with Enzo, we headed over to the Museum of Man.  Without my knowing, they also had a whole area dedicated to Monsters.  It was just what we were in the mood for!  Right when we got there, Enzo noticed the Monster entrance and ran right up to it and turned around and yelled "Cheese!".  I grabbed my pohone to snap a pic as quick as I could.

The museum was amazing.  There was so much to see and do.  Being that Enzo was on the move, I let him lead the way, so I didn't get much of a chance to read about all the cool things we were looking at, but that was ok because the exploring was much more fun.  Below, Enzo really enjoyed looking at the evolution of our hands, feet, and brains.

Once Friday came, our whole family was giddy with excitement.  We were packing up to go on our 2nd annual camping trip to Lake Morena.  We went with four other families and stayed in little cabins in a section of the camp site.  It was so much fun!!  On the first night, we all hung by the campfire as long as we could all last and thank goodness we took advantage of that because in the middle of the night the air did a little switcheroo and started blowing really large gusts of wind.  It was so windy, someone probably could've convinced us a tornado was coming.  By the time we woke up, the wind wasn't dying down and we were no longer allowed to have fire.  It was a bummer, but we still managed to really enjoy ourselves and made the best of the weather.

And the kids still enjoyed rolling around the dirt and jumping on the rocks (only half the kids on our trip our shown)...

While on this trip, both Eva and Enzo fell in love with this little boy, Isaac.  Eva would hug and kiss him all day long and Isaac didn't mind one bit.  I have never ever seen Eva so into another kid before, ever.  

Enzo wasn't any different.  His eyes would just light up so big when Isaac was around and Isaac was so patient, gentle, and interactive with him.  He liked the responsibility of making sure Enzo was cared for and not getting himself in unsafe situations along with just taking alot of time to play with him at his level. 

There are so many memories and so much fun, we love the group we were with and we are really enjoying camping as a family.  I think there will be many more trips like this in our future!

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