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A couple weeks ago, Heather texted me an excerpt from a book that Merrick and her were reading.  She told me it reminded her of Eva, when I read it I seriously thought the author was writing it about Eva.  I always struggle with the right words to describe my beautifully spirited daughter, but WOW, this piece puts it in to words perfectly.  I just had to share it.

From the Book, Journey into the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore

The Queen of Wands, Miss Eva Veronica

You barely enter the grand hall before she has taken your hand and spun you around.  The flowers in the huge bouquet in your arms that you brought to present to her are scattered on the floor, replaced by herself, as resplendent as the sun itself.  Her eyes, filled with mischief and a sparkle of danger, smile at you as she asks, "Are you ready, really ready to celebrate?"  You nod, dumbstruck but with a goody grin.  Suddenly you are dancing to music that makes your heart spin and leap in your chest.  With a flourish, she releases you to a fellow reveler and turns to greet another guest.  

The evening continues on with clever entertainment, witty conversation, and exquisite music.  While she is undoubtedly, and quite rightly, the center of attention- all vivacious energy and charm- she somehow makes everyone around her shine brighter than ever.  In her presence, everyone is quiet, still humming with energy and optimism.  She lifts her glass, and all the glasses in the room follow, light glinting and sparkling off the crystals and bubbles.  With a wide smile and happy eyes, she addresses her guests.  "To you, my friends!  And to life!  What a wonderful ride!"

Divinatory Meaning:

The Queen of Wands is outgoing and charming.  She loves good company and brings out the best in those around her.  She is passionate about everything and brings high energy and a desire to take action to anything she is involved with.  Her motto might be "Anything worth doing is worth doing with gusto."  She has no patience for half-measures and can be insensitive toward those who lack her confidence, especially if they are unresponsive to her good-natured and sincere encouragement.  Life is meant to be lived to the utmost.  She intends on doing so and is willing to help everyone else do so, too, if they put forth even a small effort.


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