Me llamo Rocky

Sprinkle, Sprinkle

My dates with the kiddos have been so much fun.  I never thought we would get so much entertainment out of all of Balboa Park's finest museums, but we seem to discover something new every time we go.  Last week, Eva got really excited when I showed her pictures from Enzo and my latest visit to the Reuben Fleet Science Center.  We told her about a science show we got to see live about "too loud noises".  She wanted to see it for herself, so we went.  We first visited Kid City, where the kids ran around and played with just about everything it had to offer, both together and seperately...

We then found out that the "too loud" science show was going to be at a later time, so we got to see "too shocking" instead.  I think learning about positive and negative energy was a little too boring for both the kids because half way through they were ready to leave.  But since they were still in good spirits and didn't want to end their fun, we ventured on to the SD History Center to check out their Dr. Seuss exhibit.  It was really cool.  You really felt like you were living inside one of his books!  They had bronzed statues, tables and activities, Dr. Seuss's paintings and inspiration, and chairs and books.  Eva spotted the Lorax right away and wanted a picture with him.

One day I picked Eva up from school and she had a red nose.  From a distance, I thought something happened to her, but as she got closer I realized it was marker all over her nose.  When I asked why, I was given the most obvious reason ever, "I'm Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer."  Ah, yes, of course.  Enzo loved the idea, so the next day when we did some Valentine crafts, I left the kids to be creative while I got some cleaning done and I come back to 2 reindeers.

But they clearly explained to me, they were not Rudolph because they used brown.  And they would NOT let me wash it off when it was time for bed (luckily, though, they are suckers for bath time and didn't realize the water would take it off naturally, without my needing to scrub it away.)

 Over the weekend, two of my wonderful friends, Jen and Liz threw me a diaper party to celebrate our newest baby-on-the-way.  To help me have a fun, relaxing, good time with some of my greatest girl friends, Dana took Eva and Enzo out on a Daddy date.  Eva is just like her daddy and LOVES eating at restaurants on her dates and Enzo just likes being part of the fun.  First Daddy treated them to lunch at Ruby's, then wasted a little time running around Target followed by a movie, Enzo's first movie in a theater.

Meanwhile, the girls started setting up, having the party in our backyard (it really is the greatest spot for a gathering!).  My ever-so creative Jen spent lots and lots of time preparing with the most gorgeous decorations for the event.  It was a "sprinkle" theme, with umbrellas, rain, clouds, and lots and lots of beautiful blues!  Here are a few pics, which definitely don't do the decor justice, but gives you an idea of just how gorgeous it was...

My friend, Liz put on an amazing spread of food, including a coffee punch that was to die for and the most scrumptious bundt cake ever.  Below is Liz, myself, and Kate...

A baby celebration wouldn't be the same without a couple games.  We had fun naming the baby names of several different animals, then everyone drew a baby on a paper plate, while holding the paper plate over their heads...and then I got to be the judge of the best drawing at the end.  It brought on alot of laughs...

The party was amazing and all of my friends were so generous in bringing me lots of diapers for the new baby.  He also got some new clothes to call his own, and the absolute best part is that Jen arranged for any volunteers to sign up to bring meals to our family once the baby is born so that I don't have to stress about getting dinner on the table every night while juggling 3 little ones at home.  How awesome is that?!

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