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Party Time!!!

There has been alot of celebrating in the last couple weeks!  A couple weeks ago, Eva's preschool was having a Pajamas and Pancakes Dance Party at the school for the kids and their families.  Eva just LOVED the idea and couldn't wait for the day to arrive.  The second we walked through the doors, Eva and Enzo ran to the dance floor and began dancing their little booties off.  This was a really exciting day for Eva, because when January came, Eva started going to school on Mon-Wed-Fri, when she was going Tues-Thurs before.  So, that means she has been in a new class with all new kids.  Since the party was for the whole school, Eva was able to party with her friends from both classes and also introduce them to each other.  Of course, she was so busy running around with all of them that this was the only picture I was able to capture, showing how much fun she was having...

As a way for the school to make some donation money, they also offered a fun family picture.  Of course we had to get one!

This last week, for Valentine's Day, Eva and her classmates brought in valentine's to exchange.  When she got home from school that day, she couldn't wait to tear into each one and see what she got!

Of course, we had to celebrate at home over the weekend as well.  It was actually quite the funny experience.  While Dana took the kids away for the morning, I put a few things together to create a little love nest for them, so when they came home they would see this...

To my surprise, Eva came rushing through the door with flowers and a card for me.  She was so excited to give it to me, that she hadn't even noticed all the goodies right in front of her.  After I opened the precious card she wrote in and put my beautiful flowers in a vase I told her to turn around and look at the table (Enzo came home asleep, so he missed the initial celebration).  She was so excited and in complete confusion.  Being that Valentine's Day doesn't have a "guardian" like Santa or the Easter Bunny, she couldn't figure out who did all the decorating.  Her first words were "How did this happen?  Who did this?"  When I told her I did, I seriously never felt more appreciatiation in my life.  She just couldn't believe that I decorated for her.  She thanked me so many times and gave me many hugs.  It was very, very sweet.

I asked her to leave the monkeys hanging until Enzo woke from his nap so he could see them the same way she did.  When he did wake up, they became quick friends with their new buddies...

The next day, Eva and I had a little girls day, for Eva was invited to a birthday party for her friend, Emma, from her Tues-Thurs class.  It was such a wonderful day.  Eva got to see all her friends from the class she started with and got lots and lots of time to play with all of them.  They had fun hitting the world's strongest pinata (seriously, I think it took almost an hour to break open.)

Then ran around from jumpy house to play ground to grassy fields to just sitting together on the benches for a break.  Here she is with her friends, Austin and Alex.  Just seconds before I took the picture, they were actually cuddline with each other.  It was so adorable, but of course, mom missed the moment...

Monday was another special was my birthday!  I'll tell you what, having young kids is a great way to add more pep to this day that has felt like it is just becoming a little too quickly repetitive these days.  They were so excited to make me feel special and sing to me and give me more random hugs than usual throughout the day with a cheerful "Happy Birthday, Mommy."  

The day before, my wonderful Mother-in-law had a cake and a few other goodies delivered to our house for a fun surprise for our family.  We decided to hold off on cutting into it until yesterday to celebrate my birthday.  Since Dana and I already had a babysitter lined up for a date Monday night, Dana offered to come home a little earlier so that the family could sing to me and we could all have cake together before we left for our dinner date.  We were all really happy with the plans.  Dessert before dinner?  Of course!!  

Aside from all the celebrating we've been doing lately, I also have a couple other pictures that I thought were just too cute to not share.  Eva and Enzo really are such great siblings to each other.  They are no different than anyone else in that they have their fair share of squabbles, but for the most part, they always find a way to play together.  The other day, I was invited to their restaurant where they told me that they had every food that I would ever want.  But once I arrived, I realize I was only invited to see the restaurant, for they were too hungry to share the feast with me...

And lastly, I had an opportunity one day to escape the house for a visit with one of my long time friend's, who recently had a baby.  Dana volunteered to stay home with the kids while I was able to visit and have adult conversation with no interuptions for a few hours.  When I finally checked my phone to see what time it was, I got a text from Dana showing me just how much fun everyone was having without my presence.  A bike ride around the block with daddy!!

Boy, do we love these kids!!

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