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Zander's First Week Home

We are quickly getting use to having a new family member in our house.  It has been a big change for each of us, but I think we all agree that we are fully embracing the change and loving that Zander is here to be a part of our family.  

Eva has quickly gotten into the routine of holding Zander and singing to him whenever she can squeeze in the time (at least a few times a day).  She often makes up her own words about how much she loves him and tells him about what is going on around him.  She whispers in his ear "I love you" at every chance she can get.  She just adores her baby brother and loves that she has the chance to nurture him and help him feel peaceful and protected.

Enzo and Eva have both been playing with their dolls quite a bit since Zander has been born.  They like to change their diapers, swaddle them, and feed them.  The other day, Enzo patiently changed his doll's diaper, sang Rock-a-bye Baby then told me that his doll was for Zander.  He then layed the doll gently on Zander and made sure that they were both comfortable in the swing.  He was so gentle and loving, it was such a cute moment to watch ...

Given Enzo's age and personality,  I wouldn't expect as much patience and gentleness coming from him when it comes to having a baby brother, but he fully embraces his big brother role.  (Please note that the shirt Zander is wearing is something that Enzo picked out for him all by himself when we were shopping one day.  He spotted it on an end cap and yelled "Baby brother!"  So, of course I had to buy it!)..

Dana has taken on quite a bit of responsibility since Zander has been home.  He has been thrown into the role of part-time, multi-tasking, stay-at-home mom while also working full-time.  But, just as Dana always does, he has found the most efficient way to get it all done at the same time.  

In the last week, we have had a few visitors drop by to meet Zander and hold him in their arms.  Of course, Granny was here to be with all her grandbabies...

My friend, Hannah, who has been amazing support for our family through my pregnancy and since Zander has been born stopped by to get a hold of our little guy.  

And our neighbors, Pedro, Cynthia, and Joshua stopped by for a visit over the weekend to meet Zander and hang out with us for a while...

In this last week, we are starting to recognize some of Zander's likes and dislikes.  He is absolutely a baby that loves to be swaddled...

He's not a fan of tummy time, but will endure it for a little bit if he has company...

And lastly, he highly dislikes to be flat on his back.  He will start crying right away if you even try, and then usually ends up with the hiccups quickly after that.  So, as long as we can prevent that we can keep him pretty happy throughout the day.

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