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Big Boy Enzo

On the day that I came home from the hospital with Zander, I immediately realized just how big Enzo was.  He had been my baby for so long, but now I saw him as the big boy that he is.  In this last month, I have been celebrating my darling Enzo in a new light and today I want to share with you all the things that make up who Enzo is.

Enzo is a very smart boy and is interesting to watch.  You can see him thoroughly think through everything and likes to figure out how things work.  He has become quite interested in doing puzzles, especially if they have trucks and cars on them.  He can do a 24 piece puzzle just about as quick as I can, and in fact, likes to work on puzzles together for bonding time.

Enzo likes to point out his colors.  He knows Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green, Black, and White.  If he ever sees anything that is pink or purple, he immediately assumes it is for Eva.  If she isn't with, he will tell me it is Eva's, and if she is with, he will instantly hand it over.  His color is RED.  He is very fixated on the color.  Anything red is his.  On some days, he will only choose to play with his red cars or red toys.

Enzo is also becoming interested in his letters and numbers.  He sings the ABC song throughout the day and also notices words on just about anything.  He will point to each letter and tell us what they are.  He doesn't actually know his letters yet, but he gives it a shot anyway, and usually his guess happen to be all the vowels.  "A-E-I-O-E-A-I-A!!!!"  Eva and I are working with him to learn how to spell his name, which we spell out on our 4 fingers.  

He is better with numbers, for he can count to 12 pretty well, and also likes to count things out when he sees more than one.  Mostly, though, he gets the biggest thrill out of counting things in 2.  He notices just about every single thing out there that comes in twos.

Just before Zander was born, Enzo started peeing in the potty chair.  And by the time Zander was here, Enzo was running into the bathroom, pulling his pants and diaper off, shutting the door and peeing in his potty chair.  

I'm not going to lie, I bribed him the first time by promising a chocolate Kiss afterwards and I also promised one to Eva if she helped him.  We had the biggest bag of Chocolate Kisses in our pantry from a past visitor and I had to figure out a way to use them and this was it.  So, whenever Enzo pees the whole family gets a Kiss, we do a big potty dance, and Enzo gets a high-five from everyone.  This is what works for our family.  The idea of a piece of chocolate melting in our mouths is enough for everyone to encourage Enzo to use the potty.  We've made it a team thing and we love it.  I am not "potty-training" him, though, until we can get him to do #2 on the potty, which he is still resisting.

Since Enzo's 2nd birthday, I have watched him transform more and more quickly into a BOY.  It is funny how quickly things like a stick went from being a princess wand into now a sword.  Enzo loves to throw things, rough play and wrestle, jump off any high surface, use sticks to hit things, collect rocks, and turn everything into a big scary monster, a loud truck, or a helicopter.  He has a big heart for Spiderman (whom he calls "Superman"), Lighting McQueen from the movie "Cars", Blaze from "Blaze and the Monster Machines", and Baymax from "Big Hero 6".

Enzo really looks up to his daddy and wants to do everything he does.  He would follow his daddy hours on end, if the day allowed him to.  He gets most excited when Daddy gets his tools out.  He has snuck his way through Daddy's tool box and knows where to find just about anything, helping himself when he notices something needs to be fixed.  He has his own pretend tools, but definitely knows the difference, preferring the real deal.  He is also creative in how he uses his tools.  They don't just fix broken toys, or put air in Bronco tires, they also fix boo-boos, broken bones, and scratches.

Enzo is problem-solver, a thinker, a doer.

He loves rocks of all sizes.  If they are small enough, he will carry them in his pocket, and if they are big enough, he will climb all over them.

He loves to play dress-up, with his favorite costumes being his Shark or Spiderman, but every once in a great while he will put on a princess dress.  Funny thing is, he will NOT let me take a picture of him in a tutu.  If I grab the camera, he will immediately tear it off.  

Since Zander has been born, Enzo also loves to point out all things "Daddy and Baby Zander".  Any time he notices one thing being bigger than another thing of the same, he will point to the big thing and say "Daddy" and then point to the smaller thing and say "Baby Zander!".  He really enjoys being a big brother and thinks about his baby brother alot.  He is kind and gentle and loving and most importantly, he is always excited to share everything with Zander.  I hope it is still like that when Zander is actually big enough to notice the things he is sharing.

Our big boy Enzo is such a smart and loving boy.  He has so much personality and adds so much to our family.  Today, we celebrate our Enzo-boy.

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