Me llamo Rocky

Zander Turns Three Months

Weight: ~14lbs

Height: 24.5" (68%)

Oh boy, our little Zander is getting older way too quickly.  But, to be honest, I'm ok with it right now.  I feel like the delicate, newborn days are behind us and Zander is just starting to join in to the "Nevins Party".  He has become much more alert and playful.  He is reaching for toys hanging over him, lifting his head...

and trying really hard to roll over....

 Zander has gotten into the habit of sucking on his two fingers, smiles ALOT, and is so close to giving us that little baby belly-giggle.

Hopefully you don't get sick of hearing this from me, but Eva and Enzo LOVE LOVE LOVE their baby brother.  There is never a time in the day where he doesn't come first in their world.  If there is any problem with that, it is that they are constanting arguing over who can be closer to Zander all day long.  In fact, Eva asked me last night if she could have an alone date with Zander so that she didn't have to share space with Enzo.  I mean, yeah, who wouldn't want an alone date with this snuggly man?

If Enzo sees me and I am without Zander in my hands, he immediately plays the game of "Where is Zander?"  and will find him to play.  Of course, most of the time when he isn't in my arms it is because he's sleeping, so I really have to keep an eye on Enzo so he doesn't wake him.  But, there are times when Zander is awake and ready...especially when Enzo reads him books and shows him how to push the buttons...

Zander is not the "easy baby" that you can set down and get things done with.  I've struggled with him not wanting to sleep outside of my arms for the longest time, but he is really coming around during the day and will actually sleep in his rocker.  I just love this sleeping baby!!

We have most people fooled with his sleeping habits, though, because no matter what, as soon as I wear him in my carrier he will fall asleep and pretty much stay asleep the whole time, so anyone who sees us always sees a little sleeping baby scrunched inside and say "Are you sure he isn't a good sleeper?"

Like I said before, no matter what, Enzo will always find Zander and get to playing with him.  I try to place his bouncy chair in spots high enough to stay out of reach when I know I can't keep a good eye on Enzo (he tends to lay on top of Zander as if it is some sign of endearment), but no matter what, Enzo always finds his way.  He was very proud this day and said "Take a picture of Enzo and Zander!"  Of course I will!!

Bathtime was never something Zander enjoyed, but I knew one day he would come around.  He's not exactly smiling when I put him in, but at least he doesn't cry about it anymore!  He loves when I grab his feet and put them under the water and kick them around...

Zander just lights up our life in so many ways.  It is so much fun getting to know him and who he is becoming!  

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