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Zander Turns Four Months

Weight: 13 lbs. 12 oz (21%)

Height: 26.25" (93%)

Zander is just about four months old!  With his older age, he is smiling so much more, giggling alot, and doesn't stop babbling!  It is so fun to listen to, we all get a real kick out of it.  He also hit one of those big milestones that parents like to keep in the baby book.  Two weeks ago, he started to roll over!  I knew he really wanted to, but I figured it would take a few more months.  The first couple times he did it I wasn't keep a really good eye and thought one of the kids rolled him over, so I kept telling them to leave Zander alone, he will roll over when he wants.  But, when they kept insisting they didn't touch him and I saw it for myself, he was in fact, rolling over!

Zander is also going to be an early teether.  His bottom gums are bulging, he's drooling a ton, loves ice teethers, and is always sucking on his fingers.  

Now that he is more alert, it is getting easier for us to get out and about.  So, Zander is really getting to know where all the fun places in San Diego are.  We've frequenting beaches and parks...

One of my closests friends, Natalie, came out a few weeks ago with her family.  While I was so happy to get our kids together, I was also really excited that she got to meet Zander and give him lots of cuddles and love.

Over this last weekend, Zander accompanied his big brother and big sister for a family Father's Day Brunch...

And back at home, he continues to get mauled with love by Eva and Enzo.  They seriously fight and argue EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. about who gets to sit next to, look at, or talk to Zander.  

He's interested in his toys (but probably more interested in trying to crawl)...

The other day he enjoyed Daddy's arms so much that he fell asleep just like that and it probably took us both a good 10 minutes to realize it because we were enjoying a conversation between the two of us, probably talking about how much we're enjoying our kids, haha.  Sleeping babies are just so cute!

My favorite thing right now, though, is when I lock eyes with my darling little boy because I am most likely greeted with this face!!

As Eva and I have been saying recently, "Oh, Zander, you are just so cute, I want to eat you up!!"

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