Me llamo Rocky

Zander Turns Five Months

Weight: ~15lbs

Height: 26.25"

This last month has been so fun, for Zander is growing much stronger, which allows the kids to have more freedom when they are playing with their baby brother.  Eva just loves the responsiblity of "babysitting" Zander and I think Zander loves it just as much.  Eva will pick him up and carry him from one baby contraption to the next, letting him tell her when he has had enough.  

Some of the baby things he's been new to trying out is the Bumbo, which helps support him sitting up and strengthening the muscles he needs to do it on his own...

And the other is the "Cars" themed walker.  He's still a little small for it, but if we stuff the sides for support, he has fun and has even started to figure out how to make it move around with his legs...

Enzo enjoys his time with Zander just as much as Eva does, but he has a different approach, since he is too small to hold him.  He likes to play and share his toys with Zander, read books, make him smile, hold his hand, and his favorite is to roll around with him on the floor.  I can already see that these brothers are going to continue on this path of rolling around and having fun...

Over the summer, we've been going to the beach every week.  In the beginning, Zander would usually sleep in the baby carrier while we were there for his morning nap, but in the last couple weeks he's been awake, alert, and wanting to play...

My dear little Zander has probably been the lightest sleeper of my three kids.  Since birth, he has never given me a solid nap during the day and doesn't do very well at night.  I don't want to dwell on the details of his troubles, but only mention it because I really appreciate those moments when he is sleeping and looks like he is so peaceful, especially in my arms, when I can hear each deep breath he takes...

All I do is remind myself every day that this is just a phase and "it, too, shall pass". We all appreciate the wakeful times when Zander looks at us and beams with smiles and love.  You can see it in his eyes that he loves being around us.  He does a whole lot of babbling and squealing, smiling, and giggling...

And is always working on the next big baby obstacle.  I'm pretty sure we will have a crawling baby in the very near future.  

Just days before his five month birthday, we introduced food to him and boy did he love it.  The sight of the bib and spoon get him so excited!

Zander brings so much joy to our lives, each of us have such a special place in our hearts for this little man, we are loving, embracing, and cherishing each and every day wew have with him and his growing little body.

(pic above is compliments of Auntie Heather and family, who surprised me with "Big Sis", "Big brother", and "baby brother" pics--Love!!)

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