Me llamo Rocky

Zander Turns Eight Months Old

 Height: 28.75"

Weight: ~20.5 lbs

Teeth: 0

This month has had many firsts, all beginning with the "inchworm".  At the beginning of the month, Zander figured out how to get from one place to another by lifting his body with his back legs, then throwing his arms forward to inch ahead.  

 Quickly after accomplishing the "inchworm" he went right into full-on crawl mode.  And soon after that, the other two had to learn how to keep the floor clean because if Zander couldn't get to it quick enough to put it in his mouth, I would be picking it up only to go straight to the garbage.  No more choking hazards.  There are times, though, that even I am not quick enough to get non-edibles out of his reach...

When he isn't getting in to things, he is usually chasing me around the house, crying "Mamamamama".  It is really cute to hear (of course!)

Now that he has learned to crawl, he is wasting no time.  He is pulling himself up into standing position!

Zander is also sitting up in his bathtub and will have it no other way.  He enjoys bathtime so he can splash in the water and loves playing with toys.  I usually give him a bath at the same time as the other kids, so they all figure out a way to play together.  Enzo usually enjoys reaching over and dumping his bathwater into Zander's as Zander giggles at him.

Pretty much every day at around 3pm, Zander starts to get fussy.  It seems to be that the only solution I have found is to go outside.  It is actually quite nice, because on those days where I just want to get things done and use the 3 o'clock hour to clean, I am forced to take a step away from the daily grind of keeping up with the house and spend time in our beautiful back yard.

Zander really loves to move around, watch, and try to chase all the animals.  He is so fascinated with all of them.

He has a huge interest in Rocky, but of course, he will learn pretty quickly that Rocky just isn't in to the kids much.  Now that he crawls, he desperately tries to get closer to Rocky to get a feel and has been following him around the house, but Rocky won't stop anywhere within a 12" radius of Zander.

After spending so much time outside watching Eva and Enzo having fun together on the swings, we finally decided to let Zander join the party by putting up the baby swing.  He absolutely loves it!  He gets nervous if he is pushed too high, but he really likes it otherwise...

This guy is on the move, which is keeping me quite busy, yikes!  There is no slowing down any time soon...

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