Me llamo Rocky

Zander Turns Nine Months Old!

Height: 30.5" (99%)

Weight: 21 lbs. 7oz (80%)

Teeth: 3

Just days after his 8 month birthday, Zander got his first tooth.  Surprisingly, that was one of the toughtest "mommy" days for me.  It was the day I realized that there is no turning back or slowing down, he is no longer my gummy little baby, he is growing into a little boy and there is nothing I can do to stop it now (tear, tear). Since that day, 2 more teeth have popped out with 3 more closely on their way.

Oh, so many things to say about Zander this month, but the best is that this little boy has learned how to tease us!  I watch him crawl around, thinking about what funny things he is going to do to tease us, and he seriously laughs at himself about what he is thinking before he even does the thing.  This kid is going to be an entertainer, no doubt.  What does he like to do to tease us?  Get into Rocky's food would be number 1.  He knows he isn't suppose to, which makes it that much more funny.  Its a race between Zander and the rest of us and I would say the ratio of wins to losses is a good 50/50.

Of course, just like all crawling babies, it's putting the food into his mouth that is the funnest part, or splashing all the water and spilling it all over the floor.  But, Zander does not limit himself to putting dog food in his mouth.  These days, he will put anything in there, and by anything, I mean A.NY.THING...

Me: "Eva, Zander is sucking on your toe, yuck!"

Eva: "It's ok, mommy.  I like it."

Zander started clapping his hands and now does it all the time.  He understands "High-fives" and thinks they are the greatest thing!  

He is pulling himself up onto everything, and now is even attempting to get into standing position without pulling up onto anything.  He has opened himself up to a whole new world of interesting things.  Toys on shelves, cupboard doors, opening drawers, you name it.  Zander's the name, exploring's the game.

But, even with all these fun new worlds for him to discover, there is no doubt that what makes this little boy the happiest ever is the love and attention he gets from our family!!

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