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Zander Turns Ten Months Old

Height: 31"

Teeth: 4

Zander is ten months old and boy what a month it has been.  With him being mobile, wanting to walk, and teething, this last month has been a challenge.  In the last couple weeks, Zander has been pushing off from things and trying to stand on his own.  The longer he stands, the more proud he is of himself.  The more proud he is, the more daring he is and that is when he will also attempt a few steps.  On Christmas day, he took a step on two seperate occasions where he balanced out and remained standing for a while after his step.  Yikes!  He still has a bit of work to do in the balance department, but he will be walking around in no time!

The challenging part is that in addition to learning new things, he is teething in the worst way.  He has been so uncomfortable, fussing alot, and not sleeping well at night.  I have to admit, I'm looking forward to this teething thing being over with.  And speaking of his teeth, they are coming in in the most unusual way!  Last month he got the two bottom central teeth and then one top right lateral tooth.  I love the funny order of his teeth because it is so unique to him, but I do get a little giggle whenever he smiles...

Recently, he broke through his gums on his left top central tooth and has yet to break through on the other central tooth, so as of now he is going to have 2 teeth on top with a big space between them.  No order whatsoever.

I thought I would wait until after his first birthday to cut his hair, but the hair in front was getting so long it was starting to get into his eyes, so I caved and gave him his first trim.



He looks so handsome, but boy did he grow up.  Every time he would wake up for the morning or after a nap and I would go into his room to get him, forgetting about his haircut and think, "Wow, how did you grow up so fast?!"  

Eva and Enzo are always so wonderful with Zander.  I probably shouldn't be surprised by now, but I am.  I guess I was thinking that having him in the house would just get old and they would be over having to be patient and gentle with him, but it is ALWAYS and consistantly the opposite.  They don't help with him because I ask them to and they don't play with him because I ask them to, they just really, really enjoy him and all the responsibility that he comes with.  Sometimes I am juggling a little too much at one time and Eva will notice and see that Zander really needs me, so she will take over without a word.

Enzo, too, loves to help.  He usually likes to step in when he sees Zander being fussy and wants to try and make him happy.  Enzo is SOOO patient and helpful, giving Zander toys, talking about what they are, and teaching him how to use them.  It is so cute when I check on them and they are sitting in his room playing together with cars or building things with blocks.  When outside, Enzo makes him laugh in the swing among many other fun things...

These three just wouldn't know what to do without each other...

Zander had many firsts on Christmas Day.  He took his first step, he broke through on another tooth, and he got to celebrate the Christmas holiday with us!  Eva showed him the ropes on opening gifts...

I am hoping to find time for more on Christmas, but in the meantime, I will end with this little cutie all dressed up for the holiday!

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