Me llamo Rocky

Zander is One Year Old!

Height: 32.5" (100%)

Weight: 24 lbs 9.3oz (92%)

Teeth: 6

Last week, Zander turned one year old!  He made sure to bring in his first year with a bang.  About a week before the big day, he decided enough was enough and started walking pretty much full-time.  He still has alot of wobble to his steps, but he is doing great, and seems so much happier to get up off of his knees.  He is a very graceful walker, too, for he is always steady on his feet and will take the time to slow down to gain his balance back if he feels like he is about to fall.

He is quite the talker, too.  He will tell you long stories about his day with lots of different sounds.  We haven't quite mastered his language quite yet, but when you listen to him talk, he really seems to know what he is talking about and we are starting to notice that he repeats certain sounds alot, we just can't figure out the words.  I give him about 6 more months and he will be out-talking his sister!

Zander uses his finger to point at things.  One of his favorite things to point at and talk to is Rocky, who unfortunately, doesn't recipricate the love.  He waves bye, gives high-fives, and loves to clap his hands.  He will clap anytime he feels like there is reason to celebrate, or to show you he is happy about something.  He is a really good eater and has many favorites; pizza, any type of fruit, broccoli, cereal, whatever we eat...except, as Enzo likes to point out, he doesn't like avocadoes and tomatoes just like Enzo.  His favorite food?  Well judging from his birthday party, I'm guessing it's cake.

In the beginning of the month, our beautiful niece Rowan came to visit our family for the week (I hope to find time to write that blog, too!).  When she was here, she brought us to one of her favorite places by the beach to hula-hoop.  Zander and I tried a hoola-hooping challenge that even Walt, the guy who owns all the hoops, hasn't seen before!

And speaking of Rowan, it was so adorable to watch just how entrigued Zander was by her.  At one point, he kept trying to "try-on" Rowan's hair.  He kept putting it on top of his head and laughing so much...

He has very much figured out the what's and why's.   If he sees his shoes, he will try to put them on his feet.  He tries to brush his hair or put headbands and hats on his head.  Toothbrushes in mouth, toilet paper in toilet, etc., etc.  He also likes to put things into other things, especially shoes (you'll go to put your shoe on and realize it is filled with small toys or Rocky's food).  He will clean up because it means putting things into a bucket or bin and right when you are so excited that he is helping clean, he will pick it up over his head and dump it all back out just to do it all over again.

While Rowan was here, Zander also enjoyed a carousel ride...


He surprisingly got a little freaked with the motion, so it didn't last very long, but that is so contradictory to how he really is.  This little guy likes a thrill.  That rollercoaster belly-dropping feeling?  He likes it.  He is cautious, in general, but this guy likes to go fast, get thrown in the air, anything that gives the feeling of fast motion puts a smile on his face (Please, please, please don't take up sky-diving!!)

For Zander's first birthday, we had a small celebration at the house with a few friends and neighbors that have watched Zander grow and change in this last year.  Granny also flew in for the occasion.  

We had sang to Zander and put a candle in his muffin earlier in the morning to give him a little "trial run" for what was to come later.  The poor guy grabbed at his candle and put it out with his fingers.  So, morning muffin time ended with tears.  When it came to cake time, Enzo was so worried about Zander hurting himself again that he and I wouldn't let Zander's little hands get anywhere near the flames when it came time to sing...

He seemed ok with that because he had his eyes on the prize.  He had no problem figuring out what to do when it was time to "dig in"...

He carries the torch for best first-time-cake-eating skills that I've ever seen!

This last year has been a whirl-wind of craziness and chaos, but our family has embraced it with open arms.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing little guy as part of our family and I think each of us appreciates Zander in so many of our own ways.  Cheers to you, my little Big Boy, we love you so much!!



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