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Tidbits From The Kids

I'm obviously falling behind on what use to be a weekly blogging update, but life is just getting really busy over here.  With Zander moving around and Eva and Enzo in activities, we are always doing something, with very little time to spare.  We have been having fun and doing so many blog-worthy things, so it is tough to figure out what I can share in the amount of time I have here today.  I've narrowed down the top 4 things that come to my mind about each child and I will share with you now!

Aside from school, Eva has been doing a few other weekly activities.  For the longest time, she really wanted to learn how to play soccer so people could watch her play a game on TV.  So, we signed her up and gave it a shot.  She is really enjoying practice and learning how to handle the ball, but is feeling pretty insecure about the games.  It is the first time in her life that I have ever had to "drag" her to do something. During the game, she tries to stay as far away from the ball as she can and tries to blend in with the other players.  But, we started to find that if we encourage her to touch the ball 5 times after every water break, she is more focused on reaching her personal goal and not so worried about not knowing what to do with the ball on the field.  We've celebrated her kicking the ball by Daddy greeting her at home with a long stemmed rose, de-thorned, for her to have.  It makes her feel very special.

Just a few weeks after soccer started, though, Eva fell off a spinning office chair, landed on her shoulder and broke her collarbone!  It took a couple days to even realize it was broken because she barely complained about it.  It was a crack, not completely broken through, and as the doctor said, "If she had to break a bone, this is the absolute best case scenerio."  With her age, and location and degree of the break, he said it would heal perfectly and would not have any future concerns.  The only tears she shed were when they showed her the sling she would have to wear.  It wasn't pink, for one, and I think she was hoping for a cast that all her friends could sign.  As soon as we brought it home, though, we jazzed it up and that seemed to do the trick.  After about a week she was trying to tell me she was totally back to normal.  It was great to know she wasn't in pain, but also very difficult for her to understand how to "take it easy" when it didn't even hurt.


One thing Eva has been very, very in to lately is reading and writing, anytime, anywhere.  She will sit at the table and write stories, letters to people, and make books.  She reads everything she sees.  When we are driving, she will ask me about all the signs she reads and what they are for, she reads books, signs, magazines, and no preference on what it is, as long as there are words.  I love this so much!  I find so much joy in seeing her read (of course, Enzo enjoys being just like Eva)!  

And with all her growing up and becoming such a smart, strong female, she had the honor of being a part of a big celebration for Auntie Vonnie.  Evonne was inducted into the San Diego Women's Hall of Fame for her role as an activist in the community.  This is a big honor and Eva and I felt so special to be a part of it.  Evonne really wanted Eva to be a part of this, so that she could see how powerful us women are, especially when we work together.  Eva was so incredibly nervous with excitement for Auntie Vonnie that I could literally feel her heart beating out of her chest.  

Even though Enzo isn't enrolled in school yet, he doesn't fall short with his own activities.  He and Eva have been doing a sports class at the YMCA called "Hot Shots", where they introduce them to skills for Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer, and T-ball.  This is the only time the two of them will be able to do sports together and being that Enzo tends to be a little shy, I knew having his big sister along would help him.  They both love this class, even more so because they get to do it together.  All three of their coaches are great with the kids, but Enzo found a special place in his heart for "Coach K" because, of course, he wears red shoes.  

(Pictured below is Coach K, Enzo, and Coach Ricky after their medal ceremony for the end of the Winter Session)

One of my proudest weekly classes that Enzo takes is ice-skating.  I might have planted a little seed about being a hockey player, just hoping inside that Enzo would like the idea, too.  Right now he is just learning the basics of skating (like keeping upright and being able to move forward), which he takes very slowly.  But when his class is over, I meet him on the ice and we skate a couple laps together while he tells me all about when he gets bigger he's going to be a hockey player.  We then pick out all the "fast hockey players" that zoom past us on the ice and day dream about Enzo doing that, too!  We are just finishing up this class and will probably wait to revisit it until next winter, but I love this time that we get together...

On Mondays, after we drop Eva off at school, we attend Teacher Rachel's Outdoor Class.  We meet at a different playground every week where the kids play on the playground, then we have crafts, and circle time.  We usually sing the same songs every week and now Enzo has his favorites that he really looks forward to.  His all time favorite is "Going on a Bear Hunt", but a close second is the beanie bag dance, where the kids try to balance a bean bag on different parts of their body...

Being that Eva is so interested in reading and writing, Enzo also wants to join in on the fun.  He picked out  and we bought his own special workbook, so he could practice his letters and their sounds.  He absolutely loves the process of working in the workbook, but really has no interest and absorbing what we are talking about.  It sometimes gets a little discouraging, but almost all the time Eva and I are just laughing with him because he just really doesn't care what the letters are or what sound they make.  This is a typical conversation:

Me:  A, this is the letter A.  (then making the A sound)

Enzo: A (then A sound)

Me: A is for Apple

Enzo: Apple

Me:  So what is this letter?

Enzo:  I don't know, mommy, can you tell me?

Then we repeat the whole conversation over again as if it is the first time he has actually had the conversation.

I don't want to push anything on him, I want him to find fun in learning, so after a few times of having this conversation I'll ask, "Would you like to take a break and put this away until next time?" And it is a fight.  HE WANTS TO DO HIS WORKBOOK!

Zander, well his personality is really starting to shine and let me tell you, this kid is a ham.  He loves to tease and it comes so naturally to him.  Now that he is walking/running, it's even more fun because he'll tease you and want you to chase him, then he runs away as fast as he can, laughing the whole time.  

Zander LOVES animals.  He specifically loves the ones he can pet.  I have to be careful and very mindful of this because if we are at a playground and he sees a dog off in the distance, he will run as fast as he can and chase that dog, no matter which direction it is headed.  It sure is cute to see his excitement, though.

Another habit that sounds better than what it really is, is that he LOVES to "brush his teeth".  He will often times sneak into the bathroom and get up on the step stool and scream and cry until he gets his toothbrush.  When I am there brushing my teeth or getting the other two ready, I don't mind it so much, but I can promise that no matter what, there will be a burst of hysterics when it is time to put the toothbrush back and get off the stool. 

Just like his big brother, he is drawn to tools and trucks.  In fact, I will find him quite often pounding away with a pretend hammer and nails on our pretend workbench.  He knows the difference between hammer, screwdriver, and wrench, and when to use the different tools.  It is really fascinating to see how much he understands of it all.  He loves wearing Enzo's tool belt and put tools in and take them out of it.

I think the best and most important thing happening with Zander is that he loves hanging with his older siblings.  He gets so much joy from being capable of doing the same things as them.  

And the picture below, well, these moments are what it is all about...

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