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Half Years Count

When you are a kid, half years REALLY matter.  Or they do for my kids, anyway.  At least once a week they will ask me when they are a half year older.  Well, this last week was Enzo's 3 1/2 year birthday and you better believe there was a celebration.  Well, it wasn't a party per se, but we did sing and have a special dessert after dinner.  (Notice the 3 and one half candles ;) ? )

Eva and Enzo thought it was the greatest thing, while I was secretly high-fiving myself for the gained mommy point (not that I'm keeping track or anything).

And speaking of Enzo, there is so much I could say about this kid.  His complexities are just so amuzing.  Lately, he has been very much into his hair.  He loves to style it and will spend at least an hour each day doing so (not all at once).  He is growing out the top because I believe he sees that as broadening the canvas.  What I love about all this is that he isn't just stuck on one certain style, he does something completely different every day and every day gets a new name.  Some of these names are: Monster Jam, Robin, Dinosaur, Bad Guy, Monster, Blaze, Poopy head (of course), etc.  His process consists of lining up all combs and brushes, giving them all a shot at touching his hair, a spray bottle, and pomade.  Some days there are pony tails.  They can get very complex and all the while he takes it very seriously...

A couple weeks ago, Enzo finished up his ice skating classes for the season.  He said good-bye to his favorite teacher, Miss Reagan.  She was so good with him, always giving him the right amount of attention to keep him interested and happy...

That same night, Dana and I got a babysitter for Zander and surprised Eva and Enzo with a night out to watch The San Diego Gulls play a real hocky game!  I was soooo excited to introduce them to the game (it was Dana's first hockey game, too!).  Enzo loved imagining himself as one of the players and Eva was excited for our team to win.  They both also loved that the team mascot, Gulliver, ran around to get the stadium riled up.  They even got to meet him!

One day after dropping Eva off at school, I surprised Enzo with a little "field trip".  We took a drive to a neighborhood he wasn't familiar with, then I took a sharp turn and chased down the UPS truck.  When Enzo turned to look at the truck, he quickly realized he knew the was Steph!!  Enzo helped her deliver a couple packages, then he got a tour of the truck.  Whoa, boy, did he think that was something special.  

As soon as we got home, he ran into his room, put on his own UPS uniform and went to work delivering packages in our back yard...

One thing our family really enjoys is trying out different restaurants.  It happens to be one of Auntie Vonnie's favorite things, too.  So, once we all found our shared love for Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria, we decided to join forces and make a monthly occurence of dining together at the top San Diego pizza places.  It is so nice to look forward to getting together to eat and have fun!

While getting out with the family is fun, last weekend I had the priviledge of attending my beautiful friend, Brooke's, bachelorette party.  No Kids.  No husband.  All weekend.  The gift of being with some of my closest girlfriends for an entire weekend uninteruppted by diaper changes, early risers, and tantrums is unexplainable therapy.  The four of us use to take for granted just how easy it was to hang out and enjoy each other, until one day (last weekend) we realized that six years had passed since the last time!  We picked up where we left off, leaving the weekend wishing it could always be that easy.  (Good thing we still have the wedding coming up!)

The weekend wouldn't have even been possible, though, without the support of my amazing husband.  It was so comforting to know that he wanted me to have this time with my girls almost as much as I did.  This gave him the opportunity to be the single, stay-at-home dad for the weekend.  I could tell the kids LOVED the special time they got with Daddy and Daddy really got to see the kids in a different light.  And looking back on the pictures he took, he looked like quite the "cool dad".  I mean, triple-boy-sliding-selfie??

Today was a very special day for Eva.  At school, her and her classmates had created a play inspired by "The Little Red Riding Hood".  The idea from this play came straight from the kids and the entire process from writing the play to planning the props, the actors, the location, everything was lead by the children.  Naturally, when it came to costume design, Eva volunteered "My mommy is a fashion designer!  She can make all the costumes!!"  I was so happy that she wanted me to be a part of it that of course I couldn't say no.  And, as it turned out, they just wanted me to make 3 hooded capes.  As Eva would say, "Easy Peasy, Lemon-squeezy."  They performed the play in the church affiliated with the school, so they could have a real stage and performed the play 2 times so that everyone could take on 2 different roles (It was about a 5 minute play).  In the first play, Eva was a villager, who didn't have a speaking role, but got to hold the intro sign...

And in the second play, she played "Little Girl Red"...

They kids did great.  I think all of us parents were impressed with how well it all came together.

To end this blog, I have to share this picture of Zander and his giraffe.  Remember those glow-worms from long ago?  Well, this is a new variation of that.  It glows when you push his belly and plays music to help soothe to bed.  Zander loves his giraffe.  On days when he wakes up crabby (which there are many), he always wants to hold his giraffe and carry it with him until he starts feeling better.  It is just so cute because it fits perfectly under his arm and he looks so darned cute holding it.  I feel like the picture sums it up...

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