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Eva Las Vegas!

Just 3 weeks after we celebrated Enzo's half birthday, Eva was up to celebrate hers.  I'm pretty sure she took her milestone much more seriously because she kept reminding me of things that 5 AND A HALF year olds could do that regular 5 year olds couldn't.  Most of it involved being more responsible, a better listener, and more capable of doing adult-like I certainly wasn't going to argue.  For the big day, Eva picked out some delicious Pink Lemonade Cupcakes for dessert and song...

I will agree that with her older age, she has become very mature, independant, and helpful.  She has also brought on a stronger interest in individual attention, especially with me.  So, Mommy/Daughter dates are becoming a very meaningful time for Eva and for our evolving relationship.  A few weeks ago, I took Eva on a date to grab lunch.  She chose a Sushi restaurant down the street from our house, so we walked there, holding hands, talking about how great it was to have time together to be girlie!

After lunch, I didn't want the fun to end, so I surprised her to a visit for her first ever pedicure.  There is a nail salon close to our house and it has a Hello Kitty massage chair.  Dana saw it years ago and just couldn't wait for the day that Eva could sit in it.  So, that is just what her and I did.  She just loved every second of the experience and the women who worked there loved her happiness and excitement.  

Eva has been reading for a little while now, but lately she has wanted to change the rolls and start writing her own books.  She will sit quietly forever as she works on the words to her stories...

 She will usually cut her own pages and staple them together, but I noticed lately she was getting discouraged if the lines on the paper were crooked or the book didn't assemble perfectly.  I didn't want that to stop her from writing, so I surprised her the other day with a new notebook with lines and colored pens, so that she could work on her stories in there and keep them all in one place.  She LOVED the idea!  Here is one of the last stories she was working on:

"Once upon a time there was a bird that sang beautiful and a ducky that sang beautiful and a hummingbird that sang beautiful.  But one day there was a witch that was their friend and they played all day.  But one day their mommy told them not to be friends.  I love you.  I love you."

A couple times a year, Dana has to go to Las Vegas for work.  Las Vegas also happens to be my brother, Uncle Derek's favorite vacation spot.  So lately, Eva has had a growing interest in knowing what it is like in this big popular city.  One day she asked me when she could go there and I half-jokingly said, "Call your Uncle Derek and ask him."  He quickly responded with a date to meet him and soon enough the ball was rolling and plans were made.

Our flight to Vegas was short and sweet. The flight attendants and pilots were amazing and made the flight so much fun for everyone on board.  Before we sat, the kids got to check out the driver's seat and pretend they were flying!

Our flight landed at around the same time as Uncle Derek, so while we were waiting for him at baggage claim, we found a limo driver holding up a sign with his name and waiting for him too!  With help from Granny, Uncle Derek surprised us with a ride to our hotel in a limosine.  All the kids absolutely loved it!  We had a dance party, jumped around on the seats, drank juice out of champagne glasses, and watched all excitement as we rode down the strip.

Our long weekend in Vegas was so much fun!  We spend many hours at the pool area which had a wave pool, shallow pool, 2 regular pools, hot tubs, and best yet...a lazy river!

We spent most of our time in the water, but did venture out a few times and hit the strip.  On one of those occasions, we rode on the High Roller roller coaster.  We took a good look at it from the ground first...

Then rode up the 520 ft to the very top for a family pic and a beautiful view...

I'm so glad Eva came up with what initially sounded like a crazy idea, because it turned out to be such an amazing family trip.  And I sure am loving my big 5 and a half year old!

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