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Summer Bang

Ever since Eva finished up school, we have been having a ton of fun and staying very busy!  Since we knew we'd be spending a lot of time in water and the kids love swimming, we started the summer off with swim lessons.  Eva did amazing in her class, working on getting better with different strokes and becoming a stronger swimmer in general and graduating into level 3 (which she REALLY wanted to make sure of).  For Enzo, this was his first time taking swim lessons, so we were focusing on getting comfortable with having a teacher, going under water, and understanding his limitations.  He conquered his fear of going underwater, which was a huge step.  I give big thanks for Mr. Sam for helping!

Just like last year, we are dedicating a day each week to go to the beach.  I've been spreading the word with all our friends, so each week we've been getting a different group of people joining us.  It has been so much fun!  Last week I kept Eva's friends a secret (she loves surprises), so as they started showing up she got more and more excited.  Here she is with some of the girls...

Enzo enjoys the water just as much as the rest of the them, but when he is done, he has always enjoyed burying himself in the sand to warm up.  A bonus?  When a friend takes the time to make sure his whole body is buried.  He says, "Oooh, this is so warm and cozy!"

Zander loves the whole experience of the beach.  He is comfortable running into the water, can balance himself when the waves come in and out, searches for rocks, plays in the sand, and really loves floating  where his feet can't touch...

Every day we are spending some time in the water.  Aside from the beach, we've been visiting some Splash Pads, playing with sprinklers, slip and slides, and a water table at home, and one of Eva and Enzo's favorites is Auntie Vonnie's pool.  Eva practices her cannon balls, Enzo swims around in his floaties, and Zander likes a little mix of everything.  Last weekend, Daddy took them over for a swim (Eva and Enzo only), and by the time Zander and I joined them, a couple hours later, Enzo learned how to swim on his own!!!!!  What a big deal :)

When we aren't spending time in the water, Eva and Enzo are going to summer school.  They were so excited for this because they get to go to school together!  They are actually in different classes, so they don't see each other during the day, but for once, Enzo doesn't have to tag along while we wave Eva good-bye.  He gets to join in the fun.  This is Enzo's first real school situation, so it was hard to say good-bye to him on the first day, but the teachers assured me that he fit right in with all the other kids (who knew each other from class in this last school year), and adjusted to the school setting perfectly.  His teachers are absolutely great, he really loves them.

Enzo and Mrs. Beisigl, Enzo and Ms. Cook:

Eva is always up for the next adventure, so she was excited to get new teachers, move to a different classroom, and have new friends in class.  We are always the last to get out of the school during pick-up because we have to spend time saying good-bye to each and every friend and all the teachers.  Eva cares for everyone and her classroom so much.  She was really proud to show me that her artwork is displayed at the welcome table for her classroom and she also helped the class come up with the idea of making flags to represent their class and San Diego.

While Eva and Enzo are enjoying their school, Zander and I get some time to enjoy a Parent-and-Me class with our favorite teacher, Teacher Michelle!

This gives Zander a chance to meet kids the same age and start to make some toddler friends.  Peek!

We also spend a little alone time at home, where Zander has shared in his love of books.  His favorites are touch and feel books.  Regardless, it never gets old.  We hear silence, assume it can only mean Zander is getting into something he shouldn't be, then find him quietly reading in his bedroom.  

With all the things mentioned above, you might think there isn't room for anything else, but wait!  In between all these activities, we also squeeze in "wheel time".  Enzo likes to jam on his scooter or take a spin on his balance bike, while trying to keep up with Eva, who has conquered riding without training wheels.  It was literally like a 10 minute feit before her last days of school, and now she is riding full steam ahead.  I use to walk along side her, pulling Zander in the wagon, but now she moves so fast, that she is riding around the block all by herself!  Last weekend, the family went to Lake Murray, which has a 6 mile bike trail.  While Dana and I walked with the stroller, Enzo pushed ahead, trading between scooter and bike, and Eva went ahead and rode the entire 6 miles by herself!  We were just so proud of her.  We found her at the end of the trail, sitting on a rock in the shade, waiting to tell us about her accomplishment, then showed us how big her muscles got from the big ride...

A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to go on a kid-free, hubby-free vacation.  It was an amazing girls weekend, where my good friend, Brooke got married (it was the most beautiful ceremony ever!!) in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado...

 Since Dana was home with the kids, My best friend, Natalie (who lives in Colorado) accepted my invitation to be my date.  

It was so nice to have special time with Natalie and my other girl friends, while watching one of them get married.  

And while we've been busy with so many fun things going on, Dana and I have also been very excited because we have finished Phase I of our house face-lift.  We've been wanting to paint our house for so long, but we knew once we did, there would be many things we would want to do to follow it.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and do it!

Before the painters came, we ripped the flower beds off the front of our house:

Then we made our color choices, had it painted and added the finishing touches...

We love how it turned out!

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