Me llamo Rocky

Zander Turns 18 Months Old!

Height: 34 1/2" (100%+)

Teeth: 16

What can I say?  Zander is a Monster.  Not only does he repeatedly "Roar" at you like a monster, but he is also as big as a REAL baby monster.  This kid is full of personality, keeping us all on our toes always.  Now that he is getting older, his need for independance is at an all time high, so there are lots of frusterating moments and tears shed in our house.  He wants to do it all on his own, all the time.  He's had enough with all baby things.  Hates his high chair, doesn't like sippy cups, and is getting over the baby swing real quick.  Eva finally said, "What the heck?" and put him on a regular swing to see if he could handle it.  Turns out, he knew what he was doing.  He held on tight and laughed the whole time he got pushed...and now it's the only way he wants to go.

Some of the benefits of his independance is that he loves to clean.  He wipes up spills on the ground, sweeps, LOVES to vacuum, and really has fun helping daddy water the trees...

Zander is ready to play with the big kids, which there is always a 50/50 chances in works out in his favor.  When they can all find something that works, it is so entertaining to listen to them all playing nicely together.  They are all giggling, and I will also hear Eva and Enzo teaching Zander how to do big kid things.  I can tell he absolutely loves it.

Some of the other things that Zander has picked up on from his siblings is dressing up.  He just loves it!  He will bring a costume to you and sit on your lap so you can put it on him.  Once it's on, he walks around so proudly.  And, he loves it even more if you take a picture of him in it.  His favorite thing now is to yell, "Cheese!"  when he sees you grab your phone...

He has an obsession with shoes, just like his older brother did.  If he finds shoes on the floor he will whine and whine until you put them on him.  But, then if they aren't his, he gets frusterated because they don't fit right.  He'll also help you find your shoes and bring them to you when he does find them.  The other day, Enzo calmly sat with Zander and shared his own boots with him.  I could hear him telling Zander step by step how to put them on, stand up, then walk in them.  Zander just sat, listening, and soaking in every word...

Zander has a love for tools just like Daddy and Enzo (and also likes to wear things on his head--hats, headbands, bows, whatever.)...

He likes cars and trucks (obviously!), which Enzo and Zander are starting to play together.  In the pic below, the boys got new cars and Enzo was letting Zander leads the race!  This went on for a good half hour!

Eva and Enzo loves Legos and can play nicely for seriously hours on end, creating cities and playing pretend.  This usually would happen during Zander's naps, but recently, the kids decided it was time to introduce Zander to them, too.  He seems to understand that they stay on the table, don't go in your mouth, and you can't be messy.  Eva will usually sit with him for a while, building little things with him, so he can practice pushing them in to each other.  I'm actually quite impressed with how well he's gotten the hang of it.

Zander really gets frusterated with his inability to communicate verbally, which I'm hoping will be his drive to learn.  I hear him many times practicing new sounds or words and now we are starting to recognize quite a few.  He says, "Hello" very clearly.  He can make the "L" sound so well, and loves to use it to greet anyone passing by.  He will also say, "Buh-bye" and wave whenever he is leaving someone.  He says Mommy, which is probably his favorite word and also Daddy.  When he sees Bumpy outside he says, "Bumbaba".  He says Dog and really loves watching dogs do their thing and is always quick to say, "Uh Oh" when something falls to the ground or is out of place.  He shakes his head "No" when you ask him a yes or no question, even if his answer is yes.  But, we've been teaching him how to shake it "Yes", so you can see him thinking and will sometimes do it.

Zander likes to watch Daddy's truck pulling out of the driveway in the morning and waving bye to him until his truck is out of sight.  He likes to pucker up to give you a kiss, gives big hugs, and Dana and I swear we heard him clear as day say, "Bye, I love you!".

He likes to get his hands in dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, rocks, whatever you can imagine...

Zander is in to a lot of things, but one thing he definitely isn't in to is sitting still...ever.  He is a busy boy.   He is our monster-baby, busy-boy and we couldn't imagine it any other way.

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