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Enzo Turns Four Years Old

Enzo Turned Four last Friday!

He measures 43" and this is what he had to say:

What is your name?  Enzo

How Old are you?  Four

What is your favorite thing to do?  Do Hotwheels

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Teenager

What is your favorite food?  Chicken and Pig

Who do you like to spend time with?  Zander

What do you do really well?  Doing my Hotwheels

What makes you laugh?  Pretend Hitting

What is the best time of day?  Daytime

What are you afraid of?  Coyotes

Who is your best friend?  A lot of friends.  Margo, Vivian, Leo, Aiden, Marielle, and Granny

What do you like to do with your family?  Everything

What do you love to learn about?  Building Things

Where do you like to go?  Las Vegas

What is your favorite book?  Star Wars

If you had one wish what would it be? I would wish for more Hotwheels for a big Hot Wheels City

In these last weeks leading up to Enzo's birthday, I have seen huge changes and growth.  It is funny how so much can change so closely to big yearly milestones.  One of his big changes is his speech.  For the last couple months he's been going to speech therapy to work on his f's and s's with Miss Jen.  It is remarkable how big of a difference the weeks have made.  He loves Miss Jen, looks forward to going every week, works hard, and listens so well.  Here is Mr. Darth Vader Enzo and Miss Jen after studying Star Wars one week...

Another big accomplishment that took us by surprise was how quickly he learned how to ride a bike.  He had been gliding around on his balance bike and when we put him on his first 2 wheeler, he owned it like a pro!  He's still learning how to start and stop, but he has balancing nailed down and loves it...

Another first is fishing.  He caught his first fish just a few weeks ago when we were camping (Eva did, too!)  Then Daddy used his fish to catch a big Catfish the next night.  It has been a dream that Enzo has been consisting talking about.  He loves the game "Let's Go Fishin'" and really wanted to know what it was like to do the real thing.  We were all excited that the kids got the chance and ended up catching about 8 fish each...

Conquering his fears is another thing I am seeing A LOT of lately.  Enzo has always been my little apprehensive one (He obviously gets that from me!), but lately, I've been watching him make quite the asserted effort to do things that he once knew made him scared.  Then, finding out it wasn't so bad afterall.  The kids had a chance to go on a ride that they both had to stop and get off early the last time they rode it because they were crying in fear, then went on the other day and laughed (fearfully, but still laughing), and boy were they proud when they got off!

To celebrate Enzo's birthday this year, I basically let him do all the planning.  He wanted a pirate party and knew exactly who he wanted to be there.  Granny was here to help me put it together...

We had six of his favorite friends come over to play Thursday morning while their siblings were in school.  It was a perfect day!  The kids decoarted Pirate Hats with stickers, wore pirate vests, went digging for treasures in the sand table...

Played a Pirate Pop-Up Game...

Sang the birthday song with cupcakes, then yelled a great big, "Ahoy, Mateys!!" for a group pic...

The next day, Enzo said to me, "Mommy, I went to sleep like this because I was so happy about my birthday party." And when I turned to look, he showed me the biggest, most excited happy face he could make.  My heart melted, I was so happy with how his friends made him feel.

The next day (Friday) was his real birthday.  It was also a really busy day for us, so we did our best to make sure Enzo felt special in between all the running around.  First thing was that he wanted to dress up, which meant collared shirt and tie :)  It had been a while since he had the request so I was so excited to help him find something.  After dropping Eva off at school, we had some extra time so we stopped at a bagel shop where Enzo got a Cinnamon and Sugar bagel and talked to Daddy on the phone (he was out of town for work).

He got a special crown at school and his friends all sang to him.  Then, after dinner that night, he wore his crown while Eva, Zander, and I sang to him one last time.  Then the kids chowed down on "Candy Cake", which was 2 snickers bars, topped with a Reese's peanut butter cup, and peanut M&M's for sprinkles.  It was really just making due with left over Halloween Candy, but the kids loved the idea and it held candles, so we were all happy campers in the end.

This is going to be another amazing year for our Enzo.  He makes us proud every single day and teaches us so much.  His leadership role is soaring as we watch him become a young, respectable boy.  We love you, Enzo!

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