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January Jam

This last month has been very rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  Trying to keep up with the cold-weather activities that our family in the midwest does, Enzo decided to get back in to ice-skating this year.  

It's been a while since he's been on skates, so it kind of feels like he is starting all over again, but he's still holding on to the hopes of moving up and becoming a hockey player.

Eva started a new class, too.  She is in a drama class at the Balboa Park Junior Theater.  This class is teaching the kids how to have a stage presence and help develop confidance.  She really enjoys it and it's great for the boys and I as well because it's right in the heart of the park, so while she is in her class, the boys and I use our Explorer's Passes to visit whatever fun museum we are feeling for the day.  

The kids really enjoy the Aero Space Museum where they have a huge room full of fun things for the kids, next to a 4D theater.  Zander loved the helicopters on the windy table...

There are some times that we don't even make it into a museum because there is too much fun happening outside.  One day Enzo had a blast learning how to make really big bubbles...

And speaking of Enzo, he is doing really great in school.  The teachers have been sharing many stories especially in the last couple weeks.  He has taken on a leadership role and his imagination in the classroom has taken off.  He has been planning and building elaborate creations, teaching his friends, and also allowing them to add their own touch.  He makes signs for the creations, secret rooms, and so much detail.  I love being able to share this side of him with others because he really has a huge imagination for building and creating structures...

A couple weeks ago, Dana took Eva and Enzo on a special date. They were super pumped to go on what will now be their annual Monster Jam Show.  They went with a couple friends and their dad for a fun group outing.  Enzo was reunited with the infamous Grave Digger, Eva met a female driver, and all three of them came back home late that night, super excited to tell me everything about their night...

Having that night with daddy was really special and very needed because just the next day, Dana had to go out of town for the rest of the week.  In this last year, Dana has been asked to speak at several different conferences to share his knowledge of the E-commerce industry.  This last work trip was another speaking engagement where he talked to the audience about How to get started in an E-commerce Business.  It is so exciting to see him venture into a new territory and share his knowledge with so many people.  

While Daddy was away, Eva had something exciting happen.  She lost her first tooth!  She was so unbelievably excited about it.  We were pretty surprised by it as well because the last time she went to the dentist, she told Eva and I that it would probably be a good 6 months before she lost a tooth even though it was wiggly.  Then, one night I asked to take a look and when I went to wiggle it it became really loose.  The next day at the last circle time before school let out, Eva gave the tooth a little pull and out it came.  Easy Peasy.  Her excitement and happiness when she came out of the classroom that day was priceless. 

The tooth fairy came in the middle of the night, took her tooth and left her with 4 shiny quarters and a certificate for her first lost tooth.

Back at home, Zander has found his "thing".  You know, that one thing that they can't live without.  He was gifted this green stuffed bear for Christmas and the second he saw it, he carried it with him everywhere.  Of course, this isn't just a stuffed bear, this one has a button for each body party so when you press it a really loud song plays.  It took a while, but I've come to a point where I don't even notice it anymore, or I find myself singing the darn songs.  But, the cute thing about this bear is all the things Zander does with it.  He will prop it up at the table to eat, give it a nap, put pajamas on it, share toys with it, you name it.  And, this isn't learned behavior he has seen from Eva and Enzo, because they don't really play with dolls.   Zander uses his own imagination and takes care of this little guy like it is his special buddy.  IT IS SO CUTE!  The pic below was prompted because Zander handed me my phone and said, "Picture Bear!  Cheese!", Then posed for the picture.  I mean, hello?  How do you say no to that (and quite frankly, I don't think he would've taken 'no' for an answer anyway)...

Bear is now a full on member of the family.

Last weekend was our annual January camping trip with our camping buddies.  Since it had been really rainy and cold all month, I didn't think it would even happen, but the forecast showed no rain, so we decided to brave it.  The first day we got there it was extremely cold and very windy, but by noon the next day we had clear skies, no wind, and enough warmth to take our hat and gloves off.

As usual, we slept like crap, but I think we would all trade in sleep for the amount of fun we had!  And, watching these kids grow up camping together are memories they will take with them forever...

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