Me llamo Rocky

Zander is a Two Year Old!

With a Whopping Height of 37" (100%+), Zander is taking in the two's fully charged!

This kid keeps us all on our toes 24/7 with his larger than life personality, quick-witted humor, and powerful strength.  

Some of his traits include:

Knows the color Blue (which he sometimes refers to as "Little Blue Truck")

He can count to 3 (and often does so to "Put Enzo in time out")<---He seriously tries to threaten Enzo with a time out, haha!  

He HATES to get his diaper changed, but refuses to use the potty chair (not so fun for mommy)

He LOVES Elmo and Mickey Mouse

Loves to play with trucks, trains, and dinosaurs

He thinks it's really funny to play dead.  He'll say, "I'm dead", then lay down with his tongue hanging out.

He lines things up: trucks, rocks, shells, whatever collection

He is Mr. Popular with Eva's friends

His Belly Button remains to be his most favorite comfort item

He loves dogs (to the point where he would leave me in a heartbeat to follow the trail of a dog)

Does a pretty darn good job of cleaning up his own messes (without me even asking!)

Can put together a puzzle (and often times does 6 at a time)

 And can, and often will, eat a hard boiled egg whole (Yes, it's hard to watch, haha)

He has a bad habit of bringing a whole collection of things into the car whenever we go somewhere.  All of which are very important items (of course)

He insists on buckling himself into his carseat

Enjoys throwing balls

Running super fast (and also leaps in between strides, managing to always land on his feet)


Enjoys Bubble Baths time

For Zander's birthday this year we kept it pretty simple.  On the day of, we made our own pizzas (his favorite food)...

And celebrated with cake and candles.  Eva and Enzo were great helpers in teaching him how to blow them out!

He opened some gifts, which he was super excited about...

Then, over the weekend, we had a small gathering with Lorie and Steph and our friends, Jen, Carlos, Solana, and Coco.  Zander got to open another gift...

And blow out candles for another (much bigger) cake.  This time he totally had the hang of it...

And dug right in...

Zander had a great celebration and he loves being a two year old.  

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