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Winter Trippin' 2017

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but our family got LOTS of vacationing under our belts in the last couple months.  Each trip was a completely different experience from the last and were equally as fun, but for unique reasons.  Back in February in the weekend after my birthday, the kids had some days off from school, so we took advantage of it by taking the kids to Mexico.  We invited another family to join us and together we rented a house in a small town called La Mision, a little over an hours drive from San Diego.  We were right on the beach in a gated community with beautiful views and wonderful company.  It was a super rainy, cold, windy weekend, but none of that stopped us from enjoying our time away and the weather didn't stop the kids from jumping into the big ocean waves.  On our first night, we came right at low tide, so we were able to run all over, collecting beautiful shells and enjoying the sunset.

We spent one day down in Ensenada where we ate, drank, and shopped...

And on our last day, we took a little detour to get home, driving through Valle de Guadalupe, stopping at a Beautiful Zoo/Playground for the kids to exhaust any last energy they had remaining from the weekend. On a day that the Zoo is typically closed for cleaning, they actually opened it up just for us.  It was amazing.  We had the entire place to ourselves and the employees were so accomodating.  They even gave the adults a chance to play with a Tiger cub!  Yes, it was amazing.  She was so adorable, I still can't stop thinking about that experience.

Just two weekends after that, we were planning to meet some friends of ours in Palomar Mountain at a cabin we rented for the weekend.  The other family wasn't able to make it at last minute, so our family had the cabin to ourselves for the most perfect family weekend.  We explored the area and all its beauty...

We had a fire burning most of the time while the kids ran to and fro and Dana and I relaxed, finding good company with each other...

We spent a lot of our time outdoors, but we also enjoyed ourselves inside the cabin.  There were tons of board games and puzzles that we had fun introducing to the kids.  They learned how to play Checkers, Mexican Train, how to build with Lincoln Logs, and how to use team effort to put together big puzzles.

Just two weeks after that, which was also the weekend before the kids' spring break started, a family from Eva's school invited us to a last minute camping trip to the local KOA.  It was a 15 minute drive from our house, lots of kids activities (including a pool), and a great opportunity to spend more time with families from school.  It was much more of a "glamping" experience and we took full advantage of all the festivities.  Daddy and the kids swam, we made smores, jumped on a big bouncy pillow, watched Trolls on a big screen, rode scooters around, rented fun bikes...

And then, if that wasn't enough, the family we were camping with added some more fun.  One of the mom's is a science teacher, so she brought some Owl pellets to disect and see if the kids could find all the bones to the entire skeletel system for whatever rodent the owl ate.  This was right up Enzo's alley.  And, to be quite honest, I thought it was pretty amazing, too.  We found most of the big bones like the skull, spine, and legs.

The same science teacher mom was also celebrating her birthday while we were there.  One of her wishes was to do one of those Wine and Paint nights.  Instead of going to a bar or restaurant to do it, her mom and sister in law brought canvases, paint, and easels for everyone to do it at the campsite.   It was pretty awesome and so thoughtful! It was the last thing we did and the perfect way to end a fun weekend.  

Once we got back from that camping trip, we had just a few short days before we turned around to go on yet another camping trip.  This one was with Lorie and Steph and Leanne and Brad (who were visiting from Michigan).  This camping trip was a road trip first, then camping far away from civilization and cell phone service.  We went to Picacho State Rec Park on the Colorado River.  The weather was great, but the mosquitos were not.  Despite those little pesky bugs, we had a fun weekend.  We went for a fun hike that ended at an old Stamp Mill...

We took a boat ride on the river, where the kids got to take turns driving...

And the adults got to enjoy each other's company while the kids ran up and down the mountains...

Now we are back home, kids are back in school, and life is getting back into a routine.  We have had so many memorable weekends and so much family bonding time that we can look back on, but I think we are ready to enjoy some quiet time at home for a little bit.  

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