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Summer Summer Summer Time 2017

This last summer went by so fast!  We were jam packed full of adventures, travels, celebrations, and visitors.  Our first trip was a big one, heading to Wisconsin to see my family for some much needed bonding time.  The trip really deserves a whole blog post of its own, but I'm not sure I'll find the time.  We got lots of time with all my cousins and a chance for us all to reunite in one place at one time (my ultimate dream come true)...

Most of our time was spent enjoying Granny in retirement at her house where we never ran short of things to do.  We went for walks, rode in the side by side, reminisced about places I use to go to when I was a kid, swam in Lake Superior, and so on and so on.

When we were back in San Diego, we were ready for our first summer camping trip with the camper.  We went to Idyllwild, Ca.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We were camping in a beautiful area in the trees, high up in the mountains, but also just a short walking distance from one of the cutest towns you could visit.  There were tons of little shops and restaurants, unique art, and so many wonderfully unique people.  We really enjoyed our family escape...

We squeezed in one more camping trip, and the last for the summer, just a couple weekends ago where we went to Campland on the Bay.  This was in San Diego on the bay.  It was less of an escape from city life, but more of a party, while away at camp.  Camping sites were small, but the festivities were at large.  There was a beach area, where Dana and the kids rented a jet-ski for the day.  There were pools to swim in, a DJ spinning music at night, an infamous arcade, lots of bike riding, friend making, and a great way to wrap up the summer.  We had friends join us for a night, which made for an extra special, super fun camping weekend.

On top of having our own travelling adventures, we were also lucky to have others travel our way for a visit.  To start the summer off, we had one of my closest friends and her family to come visit us.  Lucky for us, they've fallen in love with our weather and fun entertainment.  We were very excited to have them over to BBQ and hang for a night.  The kids, of course, get along wonderfully, which us parents really enjoy since we all love each other's company as well...

Dana's Aunt Jean and cousins, Jake, Amy, and Jessica came out again as they do every year.  But, this year was extra extra special because we also got to meet Jessica's new little boy, Cameron, and their whole family.  We were anticipating his arrival last summer, so we could NOT wait to meet him this summer.  It is always so nice to see the family, we just could never get enough time with them.  This year was a very short visit, but we are so grateful for the time, cuddles, and laughs we got to squeeze in...

Eva had a natural motherly attraction to her cousin, Cameron...

Shortly after their visit, my mom and brother came to town.  It had been almost 5 years since my brother had paid us a visit, so it was an extra special treat for our family to have them both with us at the same time.  We tried to show them around all the fun places, but I think their favorite time was spent at the beach with the kids, where Uncle Derek could act like a kid, too ;)

During the summer, we also had some special celebrations that we looked forward to.  At the beginning of the summer, we had Father's Day.  The kids made some special gifts that they wrapped, we got dressed up for Brunch (per the kids' request), then we got home, stripped down and hit Auntie Vonnie's pool to cool off, because it turned out to be pretty hot of a day.

At the end of July, Dana hit a major milestone.  He turned FORTY!!  He entered the ripe old age with style, the way Dana does best.  I threw him an adults-only pool party at Harrah's Resort, which was so much fun.  So many special people came to help him celebrate, with one major suprise of one of his closest friends, Joe and his wife Diana, flying in to surprise him for the festivities.  I think we are all still smiling from all of the fun we had.

(Pictured below is just a fraction of the party...I'm so bummed I didn't get a group photo!)

Of course the kids also wanted to celebrate Dana's birthday, so we had cake and gifts at home one night, then also hit the water park and fun rides at Legoland for a day.  We had an entire day of fun!

Just shortly after all of Dana's birthday festivities, our 8th anniversary arrived.  We got a room downtown for a night to eat dinner late, go to bed late, and sleep as long as we wanted.  We took our time having breakfast, strolled the streets of the Gaslamp, then headed back home refreshed.

In between all of that, the kids and I stayed busy with lots of beach days, playdates, and fun around town.  Enzo also got to squeeze in a couple weeks with his friends back at school for "Summer Fun", where he reunited with his teachers from last year's summer program...

All in all, we had a super busy summer, but we got to squeeze in so many fun things before school started back up.  Now, it's back to routine, early bed time, homework, and school festivities.

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