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Fall Sports, Activities, and Fun

Now that school is in full swing, the kids are also dabbling in other activities to keep them active and having fun.  They have so many interests and there are so many opportunites for them that it can be hard to pick and choose.  But, now we are settled into the decisions they have made for Fall.

Eva is in her third season of soccer.  In the beginning she chose to play only because she wanted to be with her friend, but now we are almost mid-way through the season and she is more determined than ever to score her first goal.  She has been trying really hard, starting to understand the game better, and figuring out how to get the ball and shooting it toward the net.  Our family has been having fun cheering her on on the sidelines.


If you think of it, send some "goal thoughts" her way.  She really wants to score!

Eva is also staying active with a weekly yoga class that she is really enjoying and also a weekly jump roping class.  She's been very excited about jump roping, but is realizing that there is more technique to it than she originally thought.  I've picked her up with full-on tears because she couldn't get some of the moves down, but she really wants to figure it out and is learning that the more you practice the better you'll become.  We both think this picture we got of her in mid-jump is silly looking, so I thought I better share it...

Yesterday, Eva had a Jog-a-thon at her school.  Thank you for those of you who donated!  Eva ran hard and had fun high-fiving her daddy with every lap she ran...

Inside Eva's classroom, she has really fallen in love with Math and continues to enjoy reading a lot.  One day, as a little surprise to Enzo, and a fun adventure for Eva, I pulled Eva out of school a little early.  We hurried over to Enzo's school, where I coordinated with his teachers to surprise his class with Eva and I as their "mystery reader".  Enzo was really happy, Eva was super proud to be his older sister, and the kids in class just loved that she was reading to them.  

Enzo has been really inquisitive lately.  He asks a lot of deep questions, thinking through every detail of the topic in question.  One day it's, "What came first, the human egg or the Mommy?" and other days, "Why are there mummies?  Are they real?"  There are lots of good questions, where half the time we have to try and find out the answers together.  Luckily, the Museum of Man is just a small jaunt over to Balboa Park to help us understand more about humans, mummies, and evolution.  The boys and I took a little field trip with our list of questions, open minds, and thirst for a little adventure.  Enzo was very impressed with the real mummies (He really isn't scared, like this pic looks, turns out my flash was a little too bright, lol)...

He then pretended he was a mummy in an Egyptian pyramid...

Apart from his imagination, a lot of other things are just starting to click with him.  During Eva's soccer practice one day, he excitedly came to me to tell me a little girl just taught him how to do the monkey bars and he wanted to show me.  I was anticipating he being able to just do one or two bars, because just weeks before he couldn't even do that, but what he showed me was a big surprise.  He could do the monkey bars from one end to the other and back again and again.  He really conquered them!

One of his all time favorite activities, though, is hockey.  He LOVES it!  He doesn't want to stop.  He is skating hard, jumping, and shooting hard.  He loves dribbling the puck and making shots.  And, well, I couldn't be more proud.  It is so fun to watch him out there and listen to how much he loves playing.

Zander has been keeping busy as well.  In our parent/child class, Zander figured out how to pedal, which has become his favorite thing to do when we get to class.  He is great at steering as he weaves through all the kids on the playground, still managing to go speedy fast.

Another favorite and new activity to do is build elaborate structures.  Taking after his big brother, something just lit from under him.  He use to line things up and make big trains, but now he is building upwards, sideways, down, whichever way and creating complex structures with different mediums.  He will sit quietly and do this for long bouts of time.  It's fascinating to watch him decide what goes next...

He talks a lot about farms and tractors, too.  On many days he will decide who is driving the tractor and who will ride in the wagon.  He was very excited when he and I got to go to a pumpkin patch at Oma's Pumpkin Patch and Farm where he got to ride in the wagon of a real  tractor.  

And then he got to pick his own pumpkin to take home...

Now the whole family is gearing up for all the Halloween festivities coming up and birthday celebrations right around the corner.  Yay!

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