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Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Wow, this Halloween season was full of activities.  We have been celebrating all month long!  

A few weeks ago, Dana and I were invited to an adult Halloween costume party with a bunch of friends.  It was hard finding time to think about what we were going to wear, but a conversation with the host just a few weeks before transpired into the perfect costume.  We were discussing how we don't decorate much for Halloween because Dana is usually already thinking about Christmas decorations, which he tends to go a little overboard with.  The comparison to Clark Griswold was brought up, and quickly after, that became our costume for the party.  Meet Clark and Ellen Griswold!  To our great surprise, our costumes were a hit with the crowd and we won the costume contest!

Then, last weekend we went to a family Halloween party where the hosts promoted a "Soup-off".  I made my chili, because it happens to be Dana's favorite.  And to my surprise, it was a favorite among the guests as well because I won with popular vote!  I guess you could say we've been pretty lucky this Halloween.  Aside from the big win, our family had a super fun night with friends and being in costume...

Our neighborhood puts on the best parade for Halloween.  It's the annual Boo!Parade.  It's more entertaining because everyone in the parade is dressed in costume.  The kids really look forward to it.  Zander waved at every single person in every float (I'm surprised his hand didn't fall off), Enzo was nervously anticipating the scary guy that he remembered from years past, and Eva was there for the candy.  The kids got a little bit of everything, then they hit up the festival across the street soon after.  There they ran into our neighbor, Joshua, and had some more fun...

All the kids had different Halloween celebrations in their school.  Zander was the first.  He and his friends in class dressed up, then we all did a walk through the other classrooms in the school to say hello and show off our costumes.  Zander loved Teacher Michelle's cat costume...

In Enzo's school, they had a bunch of fun activities throughout the day, doing it all in costume...

Eva's school did a morning parade with each of the classes...

Then they had a celebration later in the day, where apparently Eva made the large frosting and sprinkle layered cookie and ate almost all of it...

Finally came the actual night of Halloween where the kids could go trick or treating.  They were on tip-top behavior because they were not willing to jeopardize a night filled with candy.  Our first stop was Auntie Vonnie's house, of course...

Zander had a hard time understanding to get all the treats, then eat them later, for he was trying to keep up and eat every piece of candy he got as he was getting them. ..

We all enjoyed looking at the fun decorations along the way.  Some people got really creative.  The kids really thought it was great...

As the night came close to an end, we hopped in the car and payed a visit to Miss Bianca, who was Eva's preschool teacher a couple years ago and now babysits the kids and has become close to our family.  She had special goodies and big hugs, which was a great way to end trick-or-treating...

Once we got home, I set a timer and the kids ate as much candy as they could before it was time to wash up and get to bed.  Zander probably devoured the most candy, for he wasn't discriminating.  Enzo was more interested in some trinkets he got, so he lost track of time and didn't eat much.  And Eva, well, she is a saver, so she organized and carefully thought through what she was willing to part with and eat right away.  They all created their own system and everyone was happy with that.  


Now, I'm not going to lie, I am glad it's all over.  Movin' on to November!

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