Me llamo Rocky

Zander is a Three Year Old!

Height: 41"

This is what Zander has to say:

What is your name?  Zander

How Old are you?  FRee

What is your favorite thing to do?  Go to Teacher Michelle's

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Shopkin

What is your favorite food?  Broccoli

Who do you like to spend time with?  Mommy

What do you do really well?  Jump Rope & Ashley

What makes you laugh?  Enzo

What is the best time of day?  Lego Time

What are you afraid of?  The trees

Who is your best friend?  Bennett

What do you like to do with your family?  Go to my birthday party

What do you love to learn about?  The letter "B"

Where do you like to go?  The store

What is your favorite book?  Shoo Fly

If you had one wish what would it be? I wish I lived with Ollie

Our handsome little spitfire is Three!!  My gosh, how did that happen?!  I should've seen it coming.  He's been out of diapers for months now, can almost ride a two-wheeler bike, and is recognizing letters with their sound.  I mean, the kid is basically screaming "I am a preschooler!", but this momma just tried so hard to keep him two forever.  Of course, with all these big boys "things" Zander is in to, he was very clear that he was ready to plan his own birthday this year.  The festivities went on for almost the whole last two weeks!  

It all started with a fun, surprise visit from Zander's all time favorite person, Ashley.  Zander has been head over heels in love with Ashley ever since he met her last summer.  So when she said she couldn't miss a chance to cuddle him for his birthday, we were so excited to make the plans work (thank you, Dusty!).  Naturally, as soon as we got home with her, they were attached (yes, he wore his handsome clothes just for her)...


Ashley was here for a very short visit, but we maximized our time.  One day, while Eva and Enzo were in school, Granny sent us on a mission to Build-a-Bear, her treat, so Zander could make his own special stuffy. 

Ashley and I had just as much fun helping Zander as Zander did creating his new guy.  He chose a monkey, picked a music button, found a beating heart, then styled his monkey to dress just the way he would.  Then, he named him "Lloyd".

Shortly after Ashley's visit came Zander's real birthday.  We were all excited to sing to him as soon as he woke up.  We surprised him with balloons hanging in his door, then a fun Duplo Lego Birthday cake waiting at the dining table.

After everyone got out the door for the morning, Zander and I headed to Teacher Michelle's for class.  During circle time, Teacher Michelle brought Zander on to her lap so all his friends and their parents could sing happy birthday to him.  He loved it!

Then after class, he handed out little lizards that said, "Thanks a "Ca-million" for celebrating my birthday with me.  Love, Zander".  It gave him a chance to give to his friends, while also hearing them each saying "thank you and happy birthday!" to him.  He really, really enjoyed that.  Plus, Teacher Michelle helped him, so he got a little extra love from his favorite teacher.

Later that day, we had pizza for dinner (his pick), then ended with cupcakes.  Of course, Eva and Enzo were right there to help him blow the candles out and lick the frosting off them when he was done...

Then, this last weekend was the big party.  Zander had been planning it all.  He chose the guests, food, and festivities, while I, the assistant, just followed orders to make it all happen.  Just a couple days before the party, Zander started telling everyone he was having a "Green Birthday".  Problem is, this was news to me!  I couldn't break his heart, so I just went with it, only to find that all green decor were wiped out of the stores, so we just made a special request for everyone to wear green and hope that would be enough.  He was very happy with the improvise. 

It turned out to be a really fun day with friends.  Lots of kids running around, helping Zander celebrate...

Song and cake...

Then, opened gifts the next morning...

Zander couldn't be more happy with his celebrations and now he is so happy to be a three year old!  We love you, Zander.  Welcome to being a Big Boy.


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