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Spring Activities

This spring season has been full of fun!  Our family has been dedicated fans to Enzo's Tball team, The Jets.  After practicing hard in the beginning of the season, we are now watching the boys transform and play really well during their games.  Enzo has been rewarded and complimented by his coaches many times for his hard work and dedication to the sport.

During the weekend of Mother's Day, Enzo's team was invited to participate in a parade at a Padres game.  Dana took the kids for a fun-filled day of baseball...

While the kids were having fun with daddy, I was away visiting my best friend, Natalie for a weekend of girl talk, fun surprises, dinner and drinks, and relaxation in Colorado.  

When back at home, the boys and I have been trying to visit a new museum or go to the zoo weekly.  One of the funnest days we had out was visiting the Butterfly Exhibit at the Safari Park.  I wasn't lucky enough to get a butterfly to land on me, but both Enzo and Zander were.

Eva's school recently had a "Candy Crush" dance.  The kids were super excited to go.  Eva put lollipops in her hair, Zander wore a Chicklets headband and Enzo taped lollipops to the visor of his hat.  They all danced and ran around all night while I mingled with other parents.

Then, last weekend, we went camping for the long Memorial Weekend.  It has been our 2nd year organizing a big group trip.  It was a blast.  With 11 adults and 11 kids, there was a lot going on.  The kids were riding their bikes, playing in the dirt, exploring the wilderness, jump around in the trailer and painting rocks...

Enzo learned how to use an ax to make kindling...

Enzo and Dana explored on a hike with a couple other dads...

And the best part was that the view was amazing at all times...

Now that we are back home and getting back into the swing of things, we're going to start wrapping up sports, classes, and school because summer break is right around the corner!


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