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Family Road Trip - Fifth and Final Leg

After celebrating fourth of July with Megan and Chris and their families, we all packed up and headed a couple hours East to stay at Megan's family's cabin in Cle Elum, Wa.  Their cabin sits with the most beautiful views, right on Lake Cle Elum.  As soon as we got there, we were all eager to explore.  There were winding roads to walk though the wooded land, the lake to walk along (but too cold to swim in), and then, of course, the kids had to get their  fill of the cabin toys.  Newest addition?  The mini dirt bike...

Enzo enjoyed the dirt bike, too, but he was even more excited about getting out to go fishing again.  Chris and Dana brought Eva and the boys to a local fishing hole, where they came back with quite a few fish!

Megan and I stayed back to spend some quite time together to give us a chance to be girls and chat without screaming kids.  We took the dogs for a walk along the lake and enjoyed the stillness.  Then sat back at the cabin while the doggies took their afternoon naps.  Rocky just LOVED hanging with his besties, even for their naptime :)

Our final day soon approached and it was time to say good-bye to our special friends and to the state of Washington, as we made our journey back down to California.

It was very hard to say good-bye and we miss Megan, Chris, Murphy, and Wally so much already, but we are just so grateful for the special time we all got with each other.  Thank you for being such amazing hosts, M&C!  

As we headed back down to home, we didn't have very much fun planned, for we really just wanted to put in as many miles as possible, only planning to stop so Dana could have a couple work meetings.  We had one uneventful overnight, then landed close to Sacramento for a full day stop.  We camped at a campground that had a lake for swimming and fishing and a nice path to ride our bikes around the lake.  Only problem was that it was 104 degrees the whole time we were there!  The kids figured out pretty quickly that the lake was where they wanted to spend their time...

While Dana and I stayed in the shade :)

While we were here, though, we had an unexpected visit with one of our friend's that we hadn't seen in years.  I randomly thought to text our friend, Ryan, because we were staying so close to where his parents live.  So, I asked if there was a chance he was visiting his parents.  As it turned out, he had moved back close to them a couple years ago and was also available to meet up for dinner.  It was so nice to see him and catch up as an added bonus that we weren't expecting!

After we said our good-byes, we drove for one more stop in Bakersfield, Ca, then straight back home.  As we approached our street, I texted Auntie Vonnie to let her know we were coming around the bend, then we rolled the windows down and blasted the radio to Zander's favorite song, "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons to let the neighborhood know we were back.  To our surprise, though, they were already waiting for us with signs, balloons, streamers and big hugs!  Dana and I were pretty emotional about our welcoming home.  We felt really special. (Thank you for loving us and missing us while we were gone, Auntie Vonnie!)

And that was it!  We made it home all in one piece.  We loved EVERY SINGLE minute of our trip.  It was relaxing, rewarding, exciting, and more.  We created so, so many memories and we are just so proud that we actually did it!  We checked off a huge bucket list item and it felt so good.

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