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When The Boys Away, The Girls Will Play

As soon as we got back from our big road trip, the boys started a week long sports camp.  It would be Zander's first time leaving me for some type of school, but we knew it would work out great because he would have his big brother by his side.

He had a really hard time letting me leave on the first day, but on day two he kept reminding me that I would be dropping him off.  And, he waved good-bye and blew me a kiss with a big smile on his face.  The boys were separated into two different groups, but every day that I would pick them up, I would find them hugging each other on the sidelines for their good-bye tradition of "kick the moon".

While the boys were away at camp, Eva and I planned a fun week of activities that we never had the chance to do when the boys were with us.  We blocked the week of any other plans, for we wanted it to be special for just the two of us!  First things first, we started each morning by going to Starbucks.  Eva has always been fascinated with the idea that that is what adults do and she wanted to get a taste of it.  So, we visited a different Starbucks every day.


On our first day, we visited the local library to return Eva's road trip books and load up on some new reads.  Then, we went on a mission throughout San Diego to find Root Beer extract to make Root Beer Float Cupcakes from a recipe she found from her favorite magazine.  After getting the extract and all the other ingredients we needed, we headed home to start mixing and baking.

They came out looking great!  We let them cool for a while, decorated, taste tested and shared!

On day two, Eva wanted to see the city.  After visiting Seattle, she felt like she didn't remember seeing the city of San Diego, so we made a little day of it.  We first visited the Starbucks right next to the Gaslamp sign (Gaslamp is what our downtown neighborhood is called)...

We walked through the city streets, browsed some shops, then headed to the infamous Donut Bar...

Then we ended the day by stopping inside the Horton Plaza mall to find something girlie to buy at Claires...

On Day three, Daddy blocked some time out to have lunch with us.  He brought us to his favorite Shabu Shabu restaurant.  We knew it would be something the boys wouldn't be ready for, so it was a great choice for us to experience together.  Shabu Shabu is a Japanese dish of pieces of thinly sliced beef or pork cooked quickly with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sauce.  We ate pretty early, so we had the place to ourselves, which was so nice because Eva got extra special attention from the owner, who helped her navigate through the experience.

After lunch, we took a quick visit to the office to say hello and walk daddy to his desk before saying good-bye...

On day four, Eva and I headed to Mission Beach because we realized she was now tall enough to ride the old Giant Dipper, which is a wooden rollercoaster on the boardwalk.  First, though, we took our bikes and road up and down the boardwalk

Then we finished our time with the big ride.  Eva was really nervous about it, but came up with the brilliant plan to bribe me.  She said the only way she would do it is if I bought her ice cream afterwards.  I clearly wanted it bad enough, because I agreed.  So, we bought our tickets, waited in line,then braved the  Giant Dipper.

On our last day together, we went shopping for "whatever we want" as Eva put it.  I told her she could find one dress, so we had fun looking through racks and trying on several different looks.  She put on a mini fashion show, then had to choose her favorite.  It was a hard choice for her (and so hard for me to not push for the one I liked best).  In the end, her gut went with her favorite color (blue) and what she felt like was the fanciest of all.

Then, after finding that perfect dress, we visited another library for even more books, so that she could go home and read them while feeling fancy...

And that wrapped up our week!  Oh my, I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed that time together.  We started the week with a plan and experienced so much.  I am so incredibly grateful for those cherished memories :)

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