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Enzo Turns Six!

Enzo has turned six years old and this is what he says:

What is your name?  Enzo

How Old are you?  Six

What is your favorite thing to do?  Build towers

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A worker who builds

What is your favorite food?  Candy

Who do you like to spend time with?  Aiden

What do you do really well?  ST Math

What makes you laugh?  Knock Knock Jokes

What is the best time of day?  My birthday

What are you afraid of?  The darkness

Who is your best friend?  Aiden

What do you like to do with your family?  Go camping

What do you love to learn about?  Crystals and Dinosaurs

Where do you like to go?  The Donut Shop

What is your favorite book?  The Crystal Book

If you had one wish what would it be? I'm not suppose to tell my wishes, but I wish I had a dinosaur that was alive.

After comparing his answers from the ones he did last year, it looks like not much has changed for Enzo, haha.  He answered just about every question almost exactly the same!  But, the truth is, many things have changed...or grown, I suppose.  Enzo is 48.75", which is almost 3 inches from last year.  He is starting to read, he has a wiggly tooth, and he has his first sleep over under his belt.  

He moved up in hockey and scored two awesome goals in soccer.  He was Captain of the team last week, too!

For his birthday this year, we had all kinds of fun things happening to make him feel special through the day.  We started the morning off with Enzo and I taking a trip to the Donut Shop so he could pick donuts for himself and the family.

Then the kids indulged in the sugary treats and ran down to Auntie Vonnie's for a birthday hug and a gift!

After that, we headed over to Build-a-Bear so Enzo could use the Gift Certificates Granny sent to build himself the bear that he has been consistantly asking for.  Unfortunately, the bear he wanted also had a matching car, which they no longer sold, so Enzo changed things up and got a new Star Wars bear, which was even better because it can change it's ear and feet color!  He stuffed his bear, found him an outfit, added some accessories, then gave him his name.  He named him Barry :)

We came home to give Enzo some time with his new friend, Barry and took a little time to regroup before our next outing.  Tradition has been that on the day of the birthday kid's real birthday, we go out to dinner as a family.  This year, Enzo wanted to go somewhere that had an arcade, so we went to Corvette Diner.  On the way there, Enzo started getting teary and sad because he really wanted to spend dinner with a friend.  In particular, he really wanted to see his favorite friend, Aiden, who he doesn't get to see often since they're at different schools.  He had no idea that what was about to happen is Aiden was going to surprise him at the restaurant!  When Aiden showed up, I could see the happiness in Enzo's heart swell (although he doesn't like to show it outwardly).  It made his birthday feel complete.

To end the night, Enzo got an ice cream sundae with song, his BFF sitting next to him, some arcade play, and....A balloon Pokemon Laser Blaster.  I don't think the day could have gotten any better for him.

Our Enzo is growing up so fast and yet he is still the same sweet and gentle soul he's always been.  With his growing body and mind, I have been so impressed with his excitement to learn, his ability to express the toughest feelings, his cuddles, his smiles, and his strength to get in there and try things that are new--even when it feels a little scary.  He has jumped hurdles through this last year and Dana and I couldn't be more proud of him.  Happy birthday, our dear Enzo!





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