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Surprise, We're Expecting!!


As of today, Dana and I just found out that we are expecting our first baby! We could not be more excited. And what a surprise to the two of us. As this blog post is written, I will tell you, it is actually June and I am writing as my memory remembers March 21, the day we had our positive pregnancy test. This is how we found out: Dana and I went hiking this Sunday and had a great day. I remember having more energy than I usually do, leading far ahead of Dana (where we usually keep the same pace, or I'm falling slightly behind).

We weren't ready to end our day after the hike, so we started looking around at open houses. When we got home that night, Dana became determined to start house shopping seriously and find our new home. He eagerly got onto the computer, searching for the best agent to help us start the process of house shopping. He started looking at houses for sale and lined up our first home tour. I decided to take a shower. In the shower I had this huge realization that not only was my period late, but my body was a little different than what I knew to be normal. I am lucky to have a body that is very consistent in its behavior, so I am very in tune when something is different. As I added everything up in my head, I thought, Hmm, I wonder if I could be pregnant.

So, as I got out of the shower, Dana is yelling through the door about houses he has found, and all this stuff, but all I am thinking is "How am I going to get the pregnancy test out of the hallway cupboard without him noticing?" If I was pregnant, I wanted to find a way to surprise Dana with the news. So, I just kept him focused on the website of houses for sale, grabbed the test, hurried and peed on the stick, then rushed it to my sewing room to wait for the results. My heart was beating so fast, but I went and sat next to him on the couch, waiting for the 2 minutes to go by. He's talking about houses, and I can't hear anything he's saying, I'm so excited and nervous and man, those 2 minutes took forever!! I finally run back to the room and see what I think is a plus sign, but it was so faint, I didn't know for sure. Rather than keep it in, I basically ran out into the room and said "Guess what!", He said "Well, you're not pregnant, so what?" and I showed him the pregnancy test. He was shocked and excited, but he too didn't know for sure that it was positive.

So, we thought we better take another one, and this time use the digital ones that either say "pregnant" or "not pregnant", that way we couldn't screw it up. I couldn't go to the bathroom again so I started drinking a ton of water...well, not such a good idea, because I was so diluted that the test said "not pregnant". We decided to wait again until the next morning to take another, and sure enough, it came back positive!!! Now what to we do? Well, I made my first doctor's appointment, which turns out, you can't see them until 8 weeks for that is when they can see the heartbeat to know the pregnancy is viable. 8 weeks!! Such a excruciatingly long time to wait.


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