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My Pregnancy at 12 Weeks (3 Months)

I am 3 months along and dying to get that baby bump. Whenever I say that to a family member who has had a baby, they laugh and say, it will come and all at once, so watch out. Ha!! I am feeling a little better these days. I get bouts of energy and less morning sickness. So, I feel like I can function for at least a few hours a day. I still nap almost every day and spend a little time hugging the toilet, but its not nearly as bad as it has been. I've been able to find enough energy to spend a little time in the gym a couple days in the last week. That's been really nice, considering that I haven't been able to step foot in the gym for over a month. I've weighed myself only to see that after losing a few pounds from being so sick, I really haven't gained anything back. I'm finally eating again, though, so it shouldn't take time for the scale to start tippin'.

According to all my baby books, my little peanut has grown to about 3 inches and the size of a peach. I can't imagine...where is it hiding? I mean, my belly does protrude a tad bit, but only Dana and I can notice it, once I put normal clothes on, you can't see anything.

I just went in a few days ago to take blood tests to look for any abnormalities that we should be concerned about. So far, so good. Our next appointment isn't until June 14th, so I have a month before we find out any more news. Right now, we know that our due date is November 26th, which is the day after Thanksgiving. And, ironically, my mom already took her vacation time to visit us for the holiday, far before she realized that she may be able to witness her first grandchild being born. We will find out the sex of the baby on July 7th...a day I can't wait for. We aren't taking bets yet, but I'm feeling a girl. Not sure if its because my mom influenced me to think that way, but I'm going to believe her. Dana thinks its a boy. I guess we'll find out who's right soon enough. I have to admit, if it is a boy and looks anything like Dana, especially when he was a baby, then we will have the cutest darn baby ever. My man might be handsome now, but his baby pictures just make me want to melt. He was such a cutie!

Here is a comparison of this month from last month.  Of course, there isn't much of a difference yet.  I'm sure that will be coming soon enough.  :)

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