Me llamo Rocky

Everything Has a Place

What an accomplished week for Dana and I.  After taking a truck load of our belongings from the old house to the new house every day, we have moved enough stuff to start living in the new house.  And, even with cardboard in the windows to take the place of blinds and the super loud chirping bird throughout the entire night, I must say sleeping in the new house just feels soooo good!  It hasn't taken long for us to feel like we are finally home.  We have been absorbing the quiet, serene ambiance of the house.  Every morning and evening, we have been eating our meals outside in our patio area, while looking at how beautiful our new home is.  So much to enjoy and think about!

And while we've been working our butts off, Rocky seems to be taking it easy and just "Hanging Out".  Ha!

Just kidding.  In Rocky's defense, I made him try out this bag I came across that I bought when he was a puppy.  He jumped out of it as soon as he had the opportunity, but the pic had to be shared because it's just too cute and funny. 

And speaking of Rocky, he is starting to adjust to the new house and his new boundaries.  In our old house, we didn't have a front yard, so he was free to roam wherever he liked.  Now we live on a street, so we are teaching him that the front yard is off limits to him, which we had to begin after he ran across the street a few times to meet other dogs or people walking by.  Not a good idea, especially when you are 5 pounds.  He is getting better and has been listening well to our commands to stay in the garage when we are unpacking. 

After painting a couple rooms last week, we have made quite a bit of progress throughout the house.  Our bedroom is pretty well put together now.  We have found a place for all of our clothing and bedroom furniture and now we just need our new windows and blinds and hang pictures on the wall, then the room will be complete.  Of course, I can't show you what it looks like until everything is up.  You need the full effect ;) 

We still have plenty to pack up from the old house, but as you can see, we still have plenty to unpack in the new house.  This is just one side of the garage with all our stuff.

After lifting boxes and furniture all day long, every day these last couple weeks, Dana took a day for the more exciting things to add to the house--Trees!  He has been very excited to add new fruit trees to the backyard and try to become as self sufficient as possible.  We already moved in with 3 fig trees, 3 pomegranite trees, 2 lemon trees, a mulberry tree, a loquat tree, an olive tree, and some others I probably missed, but he also added in 2 orange trees, 2 lime trees, 2 grapefruit trees, 2 avacado trees, 2 blueberry bushes, a mango tree, and more soon to come.  Check them out now, and we'll see how fast they grow.

And, of course, the backyard wouldn't be complete without veggies, Here is Dana working hard to start our vegetable garden:

On the inside of the house, I've been keeping up with the cleaning and finding places for everything.  It has been a tricky process, but I am becoming very impressed with my organization skills.  I am taking my time to make sure that everything has a place in the house.  If it doesn't, then good-bye!  Its been very rewarding to get rid of unneccessary things and find space for the things we keep.  I can't believe some of the stuff that we had been carrying along with us through the years.  Looking through it all was starting to make me feel like I had a hoarding problem.  But, no more hoarding for me!

Here I am cleaning the hardwood floors before I moved all my stuff into the room (I had to show proof that I, too, am working hard) and Rocky right by my side as he has been doing.  He is such a good boy, always making sure his mommy is ok. 

This next week shall be another very accomplished week, for we need to get everything out of our old house and into the new.  Good riddance, old house! 

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