Me llamo Rocky

Dana's 33rd Birthday

If you don't already know, Dana's 33rd birthday was on July 28th (Wednesday).  Rather than buy each other gifts (although I can't resist getting him something), we like to celebrate our birthdays together and try to get away.  Since we planned a whole weekend getaway for our anniversary (next weekend), we didn't want to do anything that involved traveling.  But, Dana left the planning to me.  My planning went well because we had an amazing two days together.  We woke up yesterday started the day off with a family walk and opening gifts.  Rocky gave his daddy his card first, which you can see if you are on facebook  here.  They had a good time opening it together and daddy was quite impressed with Rocky's hard work of finding that card for him.

We then dropped Rocky off at his friend, Frito's house, where Frito's dad, John, watched Rocky for the night.  We took off to go downtown where we had a room at Se Hotel booked for the night.  We dropped our luggage off and took a walk around to get lunch and enjoy the day.  We never go downtown because traffic and parking is always a hassle, so not having to worry about driving made it such a nice adventure, and so relaxing.  We ate lunch at Neighborhood, which is known to have a great beer selection (something Dana was really looking forward to).  Dana got his birthday beer and burger (and I ate, too, of course), then we walked over to Heavenly Cupcake for birthday cupcakes.

Once we got back to the hotel, we unpacked and checked out our room.  Surprisingly, we got a room on the 15th floor, which was amazing!  We were looking over all of downtown and got such a view!  Here we are right when we got there:

(By the way, I'll have to apologize for all the pics, but I was a bit snap happy)

Anyway, we enjoyed the pool for a few hours before the sun went down.  Dana also enjoyed a few poolside cocktails, as you can see. 

We then got ready for dinner, which we had in the restaurant in the hotel named Suite and Tender.  We definitely didn't restrict ourselves from anything, for we had a starter salad, our entrees, and two desserts. 

And, check out the view from our balcony when we got back from dinner!  This really is from my camera.

We then ended the trip by enjoying a walk down 5th Ave this morning, where we had breakfast at Mary Jane's, which Dana was super excited to get their Corned Beef Hash that he said was simply amazing.

It was a fantastic two day adventure that I am so happy that we got to do.  We realize that in just a few months we will have far less opportunities to do things like this together, so we are so glad we get to squeeze them in now.  And, I actually don't think Rocky minded his sleepover very much either.  He seemed very happy and well taken care of while we were away....although, he sure was happy to see us today.

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