Me llamo Rocky

29 weeks (6 1/2 months)

After getting back from a weekend in Wisconsin, I started to realize how much my belly had grown in just one week.  I went from looking slightly pregnant, to very pregnant.  Just before I left, I had to tell people I was pregnant before they noticed.  Now, just today, every person that I came in contact with either said "Congratulations", or asked how far along I am.  It's about time I start getting noticed!  Ha!

I had a monthly check up yesterday.  At my check up, I was weighed and gained 9 lbs!!  Wow.  I was a bit surprised, but also know that I have noticed a huge growth spurt as well.  So, I am totaling 19 lbs now.  I can tell that the baby is much bigger, not only for my big belly, but also because I am suffering with a somewhat common pregnancy symptom, Sciatica.  If you aren't familiar, it basically happens when the baby's weight is weighing down on my Sciatic Nerve.  This causes quite a bit of pain in my butt, literally.  And, I sometimes feel slight numbness and charlie horses in my leg, especially at night.  I am hoping that this doesn't interfere completely with working out, for walking is becoming quite unbearable.  I will test it out on the eliptical at the gym and see if that is any different. 

I am also starting to feel very tired, as I was in the first trimester.  I feel like I can't get enough sleep, which may actually be the case, because sleeping at night has become more difficult, too.  I just can't find a comfy spot on the bed.  At this point, I'm sure it's only going to get worse, but it's just part of the process, right?  I've been lucky to have so much energy and feel so good in the last few months, so its just fine with me that I am now starting to wind down.

My doctor measured my belly, listened to the baby's heartbeat and discussed the near future of the baby's arrival.  She told me everything was perfect and going right on track, which is a great thing to hear. 

And, now that it is getting to the countdown, Dana and I have began to start thinking more about what we would like to do to prepare for the baby arrives.  We have signed up for a few baby classes including Lamaze, baby basics, and infant CPR.  We will be starting those in just a few weeks.  I can't believe it, she really is almost here!!

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