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San Diego Baby Shower

Last Sunday, my close friend, Elizabeth, hosted a Baby Nevins Baby Shower at my house.  It was such a fun day celebrating the baby with all of the great friends I have made over the years since living in San Diego and even had some family there. 

Here is Elizabeth and I:

My other close friends, Dalina, Jen, and Dana came early and helped decorate, contributed to food and mimosas, and made special efforts to help with my day.  I think the team of girls did a great job together....check out the decor!

Elizabeth planned a couple baby shower games.  One was filling in the blanks to nursery rhymes, and the other was to guess how big my belly was by cutting a piece of string for how much it took to go all the way around.  As you can see, some guessed a bit too big:

But, there were a few that got very close...we had 3 winners:

After eating and playing games, we moved the shower into the house because it was in the high 90's and way too exhausting to be outside.  We needed some AC!  I opened gifts in the house, where everyone watched, including Rocky, who wanted to make sure he approved everything for his soon-to-be little sister.

I got so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from my friends, I just couldn't believe it!  Our little girl is going to be the most stylish little girl ever, for she got many adorable clothes, and of course, some of the great necesseties like diapers, pacifiers, car seat base, and safety kit.  I really couldn't believe how generous everyone was and am sooooo grateful to everyone who came :)

To wrap up the shower, everyone ended with a cupcake made by Jen (white cake and white frosting, yum yum)

The day after the shower, I had a "baby shower hang over".  I was so excited that I got to spend the day with so many wonderful friends that I couldn't sleep that night at all, so I was exhausted come Monday.  I didn't want to do anything but think about how much fun I had the day before.  Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends and family that made the day so special for me and for this baby girl.  I can't wait for her to arrive so everyone can meet the little girl they were helping celebrate.

Check out all the pictures from the shower here.

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