Me llamo Rocky

Cops and Guns and SWAT, Oh My!

Saturday was the last day that Dana and I had together before he left for business in Vegas on Sunday, so we decided to grab some lunch and get out for a bit before we got back to the house so Dana could pack for his trip.  Little did we know, it was the best decision we could've ever made.  As we came back from lunch, we noticed cop cars everywhere in our neighborhood.  Most streets were blocked off, including the streets to get to our house.  We soon found out that it was our street that they were blocking, and they were evacuating people from their houses with large gun shields and 10 cops surrounding them, all armed with guns pointed, ready to shoot.  As it turned out, there were two armed bank robbers who fled from the bank they robbed a few miles away and drove into our neighborhood, where they fled by foot.  They were running through the backyards of all the houses on our street and throughout the neighborhood.  If you want to read more about the story, here is one of the many articles on the internet about it.

I have never in my life witnessed so many cop cars, cops, and guns.  They had SWAT everywhere, snipers on roofs, and guns drawn everywhere.  They caught one guy by 5:45pm, but as the hours went on, Dana and I began to worry for many different reasons.  First, Rocky was left in our house with all the commotion going on in our yard and in the street.  We were worried because he has a doggie door to get to the back door.  All I kept thinking was that if the robber ran into our backyard to hide, Rocky would run outside and bark like crazy at him.  Would the robber shoot Rocky to shut him up?  Also, since Dana was leaving on Sunday, I was worried that if they didn't catch the robber by nighttime, would they then give up?  I couldn't phathom the idea of being home alone with an armed robbers loose in our neighborhood.  Then, how long would this go on?  Would Dana miss his flight?  Would we have to leave Rocky over night?

This whole event started at about 1:45pm, and by 9pm we decided to leave the neighborhood and grab some dinner, then figure out what we were going to do for the rest of the night.  The cops were still blocking our street with their guns drawn at 10:30, so we ended up getting a cheap hotel nearby, just keeping our fingers crossed that they would catch the guy, Rocky would be ok, and Dana could catch his flight in the morning.

By morning, we found that they had caught the second guy, Rocky was safe and sound in our house, and Dana had just enough time to shower and pack to catch his flight on time.  Now that the craziness is over, I feel safe in our house and happy that everything is back to normal, except that my honey-pie is gone for the week.  And, looking back on this whole experience, we did gain some positivity out of it.  During the whole process, we had alot of time to spend with our neighbors.  I think it brought us together to become closer, which reaffirms my strong feelings of family and security on our street.  All of our neighbors care so much about each other and they are always looking out for one another.  I don't think we could ask for a better neighborhood to live in.  Everyone knows that Dana is gone for the week and they all volunteered to be on call if I need them for anything.  Gil, next door, is taking out our garbage for us (since Dana usually does that), and Vera (across the street) has been calling to check up on me to make sure I'm doing alright.

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